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This article aims to index the main articles about New Hire Activities, it's programs and it's rules.


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


Configuration Steps

  1. Onboarding Tasks
  2. Creating a New Equipment Category
  3. Creating a Prepare for Day One List
  4. Setting Up a Business Rule to Select the "Prepare for Day One List" Activity
  5. Setting Up Onboarding Programs
  6. Creating an Onboarding Program
  7. Setting Up a Rule for Selecting the Onboarding Program
  8. Adding a Central Orientation Meeting
  9. Setting Up a Business Rule for the Central Orientation Meeting
  10. Recommended Links
  11. Archive Onboarding/Offboarding Tasks
  12. Setting Up a Business Rule for Archiving Onboarding Tasks
  13. Creating a Batch Job to Archive Onboarding/Offboarding Tasks

Troubleshooting Tips

  • How to remove individual tasks from the Onboarding Dashboard?
    • You cannot manually remove the tasks from the dashboard.
    • You can configure the rule to archive the tasks. But in doing so, you will have to cancel the onboarding process and archive the tasks.
    • NOTE: Please do not manually cancel any task from ONB2Process in Manage Data. This will only lead to corrupting the user data.
    • Process will get auto cancelled and the tasks are archived. If the candidate is already hired, then the onboarding process will get cancelled but the candidate will be active in the system. If not, then the complete onboarding process will get cancelled.
    • There is no other workaround for this.
  • Is it possible to change or update the icon of the Recommended Links in the Onboarding Tasks?
    • For the icons in Recommended Links, unfortunately, we do not have a way to modify the icons, as these are sourced from their respective pages. Unless the page itself updated the favicon, the icon will remain as is.
  • Onboarding Tasks and data collection status showing blank for candidates in New Onboarding dashboard
    • ONB2AggregatedDetails under Onboarding or Offboarding Object Permissions is a required permission for the Onboarding Task and data collection status  to show in the New Onboarding Dashboard. This permission should be provided to the user role for which the status was not showing.
  • Not able to add new Equipment items since "submit" button is greyed out
    • There should be at least one item maintained under each Equipment Category.
    • Go to "Manage Onboarding 2.0 and Offboarding 2.0 Tasks"
    • Check each Equipment Category
    • Delete the categories without any item
    • Try to add a new item and "Submit" button is available now
    • Go to "Manage Data

    • "Search "Equipment Type" for Equipment Categories or "Equipment Type Value" for Equipment Items

    • Click on "Take Action"
    • Select "Make Correction"
    • Change "In Use Status" from Archive to Active
    • Go to "Manage Onboarding 2.0 and Offboarding 2.0 Tasks", you will find the deleted categories and items are back
    • Edit the Name of Equipment Categories or Items
  • Set Goals Activity Tasks are still showing in Onboarding Program of the Candidate even if it has been removed from the Onboarding Program.
    • Goal task Usage is 'Mandatory'
    • Go to Manage Data - Filter Onboarding Programs then Look for the Onboarding Program assigned with the Candidate
    • The Goal Task has Mandatory Selected - Change 'Mandatory' to 'Not used'
  • Customer has configured a permission role for Hiring Managers with target population of All Direct Reports. Since the target population is limited to Direct Reports only, it is expected that Hiring Managers are able to see only the tasks assigned to them. However, it was observed that Hiring Managers are still able to see and act on the Onboarding 2.0 tasks even though they are not the assignee.
    • This is an expected behavior. If the task selected is configured as an optional task in the Onboarding Program configuration, then the task will not have any responsible users. We need a way to act on these optional tasks. Hence, current logic is to display task with "(Optional)" and will display for the participant if the logged in user has Edit permission for task.
  • Unable to set up Central orientation meeting
    • A central orientation meeting allows you to provide details about the meeting that new hires are required to attend for their first day orientation. You can provide the orientation meeting agenda, start data, end date, and other details by adding a Central Orientation Meeting. 

      This particular set up is configured from Maintain Onboarding 2.0 Central Orientation Meetings page in Admin Center. Also this is an Admin user permission page and only if below permissions are granted from RBP role, user will be able to see the option.

      • Manage Onboarding 2.0 or Offboarding 2.0-> Administrate Onboarding 2.0 or Offboarding 2.0 content

      • Onboarding 2.0 or Offboarding 2.0 Object Permissions-> Central Orientation Meeting-> Both View and Edit permission.

  • Issue related to Dashboard (Name/Task/Value)

    Any data In dashboard for the User will be displayed on permission granted from RBP role.

    • For the new hires to appear on the Onboarding dashboard, User Search permission must be enabled under General User Permission in Admin Center-> Manage Permission Roles<Permission Role>Permission...User Permissions.

    • On this dashboard, you can see the tasks assigned to the logged in user under My Tasks. The tasks assigned to other participants, appear under Assigned to Others column under All Tasks tab. The task assignments to different users happen while configuring the Onboarding programs.

    • If you’re accessing the Onboarding Dashboard from the Prepare for New Team Members page, the Assigned to Others column doesn't appear.

    • Target population should be granted in RBP to External User and All Employee Group

    • Regarding the Task name in dashboard, check the Rule for ONB task and make sure it is valid and satisfy condition for new hire. Check the Object permissions from RBP. Check the PVM and see of task is associated here in flow. Next go to Manage data-> Process-> Check if NHA Task is triggered

    • Job Title value in Dashbpard. The EmpJob get Call fetches us records where effective_start_date is <= Today and effective_end_date >= Today.

    • Hence JobInfoNav is not retrieved for future start dated candidates and hence Job Title and Location are missing on dashboard.

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