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3194576 - Timeout while generating Preview


PDF generation does not work for certain objects.


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One option for this to happen can be a time-out occurring, because of a large amount of xml-form message-data trying to, but failing to be passed, due to product images. Whether images are being passed or not depends on the system's scoping (see below).

Please note that this scoping is an “all or none” choice - you can't have images in one, but not in the other template by current system design.

This feature was designed due to the fact that in a standard business scenario, usually there are multiple form templates available. Which one is used/selected depends on rules maintained for the form template selection. When submitting or previewing a quote, for example (same for other objects), the form message must at first be filled with quote data. At this point of time, the system does not know if the later selected form template requires the product images when the PDF is later generated. Therefore the form message must generally fill all quote data. The product image is an exception optimization which is filled only when the BC (Business Configuration) question is set with true, and this BC question was introduced due to performance optimization.  However, this is ‘all or none’ logic because otherwise more complicated configurations would be required on the form template levels. For example by introducing a configuration flag for ‘image required’ for all form templates. But this would lead to more performance issues, especially for customers who use hundreds or even thousands of form templates.


Possible solutions can be:

  • increase the server capacity [ you would have to talk with your SAP contact - this is not within scope of our technical support]
  • reduce the size of product images (as workaround). 

To edit the flag for the BC scope question ' Do you want to add product images to the sales quote form template?'

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work centre
  2. Go to the Implementation Projects view
  3. Select the relevant project
  4. Navigate to Questions
  5. Expand:  Sales -> New Business -> Communication for New Business -> Sales Quote Forms
  6. Un-check the question ' Do you want to add product images to the sales quote form template?'
  7. Finish the scoping (Next > Finish) refresh the system before testing (log out and back in).

Should your company request a change to this behaviour, we would like to kindly ask you to post this new request on our influence page:

Please note that it is not possible for our Support Team to provide you additional information regarding the availability of this feature in a future release.

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