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3197587 - Users cannot see the Job Requisition or Job Requisition details - Recruiting Management


This article describes the reasons why a user cannot see the Job Requisition in the Job Summary Page or can see it but cannot see the Job Requisition details. Also, this article addresses if it is possible to show all the job requisitions to a set of users. 

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a. A requisition will be visible to a user if they meet the following criteria, if they don't meet any one of them, they will not see the requisitions.

1. If the user has been part of the job requisition approvers (in the route map) while it is in the preapproved status, which you can see in the Job Requisition history. Click on 'i' on the upper right hand side of the requisition and then look for the Routing Map or Audit Trail. You will see the approvers of the requisition while in the preapproved status.

2. If the user is assigned in any operator role e.g., recruiter, hiring manager, etc., or operator teams e.g., recruiter team, hiring manager team, etc. 

Note: Just because a recruiting group is linked to an operator team field in the job requisition template (like the example below) does not automatically mean that the group is assigned to the operator team field. 

<field-definition id="recruiterTeam" type="operatorTeam" required="false" custom="false" group-name="Recruiters - DO NOT CHANGE NAME">

In this example, the recruiting group 'Recruiters - DO NOT CHANGE NAME' is not automatically assigned to the operatorTeam field 'recruiterTeam.' This setting means that only the users defined in the recruiting group 'Recruiters - DO NOT CHANGE NAME' can be added in the field 'recruiterTeam' in the UI. 

A user or recruiting group has to be explicitly added in operatorTeam field (in the UI) to be considered as assigned to the operatorTeam field.  

b. The requisition details will be visible to a user if they have read or write permissions in the job requisition template: 

For example: 

<field-permission type="write">
  <description><![CDATA[Job code Permissions]]></description>
  <field refid="jobTitle"/>

In this sample, Recruiter has write permissions to the jobTitle field while the requisition is in preapproved, approved, and closed statuses, hence will be able to see the field. 

c. If you have specified a certain value in the filters section in the Job Requisition Summary some job requisitions will not be visible.

d. While the requisition is in preapproved status, the requisition can only be viewed by the current approver (currently with) and the originator (who created the requisition). If you want all approvers to see the requisition regardless of whether the requisition is pending their approval, enable the setting 'Allow users to view pre-approved requisitions without regard to route map status' in Admin Center > Manage Recruiting Settings. 

e. Also, if you have too many requisitions, some of them may not be displayed in one page.

Is it possible to see or access all requisitions? Yes, but only if your user or recruiting group has met the requirements above for the requisitions to be visible. There is no other way of doing it.

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