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3200458 - Creating Support Users in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • How can SAP access customer systems with a support user using the new process?
  • Unable to create a support user in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).
  • The button: "Create Support User" is missing.
  • When going to create a Support User in SAP Analytics Cloud, the "Create Support User" button is no longer present.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Log into SAP Analytics Cloud.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the question mark icon. ( ? )
  3. Notice the button "Create Support User" is missing.



  • The support user creation method has changed, see the following blog for more information:
  • Customers no longer need to click the "Create Support User" button to create a support user.
  • Previously created SAP support users created via the "Create Support User" button will continue to work until deleted.


  • This change allows SAP to request the creation of a support user to access your system if an SAP Analytics Cloud administrator has allowed this access in the system configuration page (option: Allow SAP support user creation).
  • Please follow the steps below to enable this option:
    1. Go to the System > Administration > System Configuration page.
    2. Click the pencil (edit) icon.
    3. Search for “SAP Support”.
    4. Turn on Allow SAP support user creation.
    5. Specify the Default SAP support user role.
    6. Click save.


Giving access and roles to the support user:

  • If SAP Support User creation is enabled, the default role (privilege) level is defined in the system configuration page, under the Default SAP support user role setting (The default setting is the BI Content Viewer: Read Privileges).
  • As part of QRC 3 2023 (2023.16), administrators can now specify the Default SAP support user role at a more granular level. This will better facilitate the handling process for Support User role requests.
  • Depending on the case, the support user account may need different roles other than the default role.
  • SAP Support will use the Request Roles feature to ask for the required roles.  
  • An administrator can approve these requests by going to the Security > Requests area. See the following Approve Role Requests for Your Users help guide to understand which users receive role request emails.
  • Once the support user is created by SAP, please provide access to any objects (files, folders, connections, stories, models, applications, etc.) required for SAP to reproduce the problem or issue by sharing the object and adding the support user to any teams and/or roles needed for SAP to reproduce the problem.

Further notes on the support user:

  • Please do not try to manually add a support user to your system as this user creation process is handled by SAP.
  • Like the previous functionality, the support user does not consume a user license.
  • An administrator can delete the support user(s) when the issue is resolved, or the user will be deleted automatically from the system after 30 days of last requesting by SAP.
  • An SAP support case is needed before SAP can assist you. Please create an case with the correct SAC component (feature or function) listed in the Get More Help and SAP Support online help page.
  • The support user account provides access to the system for SAP while working on the case and expires (user gets deleted) after 30 days of last requesting by SAP.
  • Support users have the following format: User ID: SAP_SUPPORT_ACCESS# (i.e. SAP_SUPPORT_ACCESS1), e-mail: (i.e.

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