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3200826 - [Onboarding] How to debug issue related to UK and AUS compliance


Troubleshooting tips on how to debug issue related to UK and AUS compliance


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Issue Description

How to debug issue related to UK and AUS compliance

Forms Supported 

UK   - "UK Starter checklist"

AUS - "Superannuation Standard choice form" and "Tax File Number Declaration"


Please ensure the below is done

Set up and configure the Compliance settings for Onboarding by enabling the forms, and selecting the Country/Region for which you want to configure the compliance forms 

General permission Prerequisites 

Enable the following permissions in Role-Based Permissions:

      • AssignedComplianceForm
      • ComplianceDocumentFlow
      • ComplianceFormData
      • ComplianceProcess
      • ComplianceProcessResponsible
      • ComplianceUserData
      • ComplianceProcessTask
      • Employment Details MSS


For the new hires to view the compliance forms, provide read access by enabling Employee Data  Employment Details  Employment Details MSS  View option in Role-Based Permissions. 

The date format displayed in the forms is based on the form locale. If the form locale isn’t available, date format defaults to MM/DD/YYYY. The date formats supported are:

      • DD/MM/YYYY
      • MM/DD/YYYY
      • YYYY/MM/DD

Override configuration - GLOBAL_DEFAULT_CONFIG

Eg - Country is usually a territory object if configured as a picklist use this

Setting Up Compliance Form Assignment Using Override Configuration


You need to configure the following fields in the data model for this form:

      • First name
      • Last name
      • Date of Birth
      • Gender
      • National ID
      • Zipcode
      • Address1
      • Address 2
      • Address 3
      • Country 


The SAP_AU_CorporateABN and BusinessName fields in Tax File Number Declaration form PDF are mapped from the Superannuation form configuration. If you don't want to enable the Superannuation form, set up the compliance workflow with Superannuation Form configuration under Superannuation Standard choice form in Compliance Settings. 

Adding a New Configuration for Superannuation Fund 

Creating a Business Rules for Australia Superannuation Forms

Troubleshooting in UI 

Forms Not present in Compliance Setting

Check Manage Data >> Form Group Metadata - if forms are present, need to get them added 

Compliance workflow not triggered

Ensure PDC is completed

2 possible reasons for compliance workflow not to trigger

Failure in event publishing (least likely to happen unless system is down)

BPE failure in event consumption

Forms not generated 

Compliance Metadata Sync Job is running successfully 

Switch is enabled in Compliance settings 

PFS is configured 

Manage data >> formSelectionFilter   -  forms are present

Compliance workflow triggered but no forms

 Check rule evaluation

Country of company should match

 Form pop-up and filling

Pop up has no data - check permission of user

For signature related error

Check the BPE Process monitor for any unfinished jobs


KBA for UK forms  

KBA for AUS forms


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