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3200837 - Values are not appearing in PDC/MPH page - Onboarding


  • Values are not appearing in the Personal data collection(PDC)  page
  • Values are not appearing in Manage pending hire Page for the external users coming from Onboarding


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding


Configuration steps:

Configuration steps for PDC:

The fields in the personal data collection (PDC) step are available based on the data model configured in the Manage Business configuration. If you are not using Onboardee person type data model, then the PDC page follows Succession data model. If there is Onboardee person type data model (For Ex: JobInfo_Onboardee) available, then the PDC page follows Onboardee person type data model. This means the fields configured in the Onboardee person type data model (For Ex: JobInfo_Onboardee) appears on the PDC page.

Please refer to the guide link on how to configure PDC step : Personal Data Collection Configuration - SAP Help Portal

There are limited set of fields that the new hires are allowed to edit. They can’t edit the Hire Date, Company ID, and the Event Reason fields. Also, they can’t view the Job Information details, Compensation Information details such as Pay Component Recurring and Pay Component Non-Recurring, and the Public Sector Management cost objects if the Public Sector Management cost object is enabled for onboarding. New hires can add their bank details in Payment Information (paymentInfoV3). paymentInfoV3 is a standard MDF object.

Permissions required for external User permission role:

User -> Employee Central Effective Dated Entities -> Select the options that best fit your requirements (Determines which effective-dated fields can be viewed or edited)

User -> Employee data -> Select the options that best fit your requirements

Please refer Guide link for more information on permissions: Role-Based Permissions for New Hire and Internal Hire Data Review - SAP Help Portal


Configuration steps for Manage Pending hire/recruit (MPH/MPR):

Like PDC step, the fields in MPH are available based on the data model configured in the Manage Business configuration. Here the if Employee person type data model is not configured then the MPH page follows Succession data model. If there is Employee person type data model (For Ex: JobInfo_employee) available, then the MPH page follows employee person type data model.


Onboarding -> Admin -> Employee central API -> Employee Central HRIS OData API (read-only) (Allows you to view data in the Manage Pending Hire step)

Troubleshooting from UI:

The PDC step can be configured in the process variant in such a way that the values in the PDC step are flowing from the new hire data Review (NHDR) step or from Recruiting.

The values are populated from RCM when new hire data review step is not configured and the first step in process variant is PDC and the onboarding is initiated from RCM side.

Values Coming from NHDR to PDC:

  • Copy the URL from address bar of browser once you click on provider Personal Data Tile from Candidate Login. After submitting the PDC step, open the copied URL in new tab and see if data is coming. If it comes then Saving is not an issue. If it does not, then candidate might not have permission for one or more object or field permissions.
  • Check for any business rule configured in the Manage business configuration page that defaults value. Please disable the rule or make Onboarding context as No.
  • In the manage Business configuration check the visibility of the field. It should be set to Editable.
  • If Picklist values shows No data only for External users, please check if the locale for the candidate is maintained. If locale is not maintained, you face this issue.
  • Field values appear below the field because the options available in the field do not match the values sent from RCM. Onboarding expects the values in the field in NHDR, if field is editable, we would be able to see what values they expect and compare to the value sent from RCM. They must match, if they do not match then onboarding will not accept the value sent from RCM and leave field blank
  • If Payment Information is not available in the PDC page, please check Personal Information Screen Lookup object is created in Manage data. If not present, you Need to add Personal Information Screen Lookup for Payment Information.
  • When you login as an Onboardee and try to complete the Personal Data collection, under Payment Information, the pay type show as No Data. This happens because the External User Visibility for the field "Custom Pay Type" is not set to "yes".  Use the External User Visibility tool to set the visibility to "yes" when you setup Onboarding and when you add a new CustomPayType during Personal Data Collection
  • If the values appear under the field for Legal entity, Position etc., check if in the Update process flows for Onboarding and offboarding Page the BPE service user is maintained. If maintained check if the BPE service user has permission to those fields for which the values are appearing below the field.

Values Coming from RCM to PDC:

If data is not flowing to Onboarding

There are 2 possibilities: -

1)      Need to check if data is getting passed from RCM to ONB

2)      Need to check if any rule is configured on EC entities (Manage Business Configuration) that is clearing the field values

Approach for Step 1: if data is getting passed from RCM to ONB

  • We can use provisioning to fetch what data was passed from RCM -> ONB

Go to provisioning: -

  1. Suite Integration Test Page


  1. go to request parameters

find candidateId, applicationId and JobReqId for the candidate.

For example


               "candidateId" : "216",

               "appId" : "270",

               "reqId" : "154",

               "onboardingId" : ""


3)      Click on Get Data from RCM Or ONB and will get Json Response.

4)      Verify if data is flowing getting passed from RCM or not.

·       Please check the configurations in both application and integration template (<<Company>>-mi-transformation-datamodel.XML)
1. Field ids are not properly defined as per the template
Eg: For fieldId first_name_alt1:
In integration template:
<source entity-type="application" refid="first_name_alt1"/>

In application template:
<field-definition id="first-name-alt1" type="text" required="true" custom="true" public="false" readOnly="false" anonymize="false" forward-intact="true" sensitive="false">

The field id in application template / job requisition is "first-name-alt1" not refid="first_name_alt1"

2. Source field ids are not present in the template itself, so data will not be flowing. Need to configure the source field ids in the template (application, Job requisition or offer)

3. Also, check the configurations at the data model side and make sure the field ids are properly defined. Please check the data type maintained in the RCM field matched the data type of the EC field in Manage business configuration

4. Please check for data type mismatch. The data type of the RCM field should match with the data type of the EC field. If there is data mismatch data wont flow.

Business Keys for Entities: -

Please refer below confluence page: -


Values Not passing from Onboarding to EC (Manage Pending Hire/Recruit Page)

Troubleshooting from UI:

  • Check if the value is present in the new hire data review page for the field that is blank in MPH
  • Check if there are any rules that are defaulting this value in MPH.
  • You can check for the rule by using rule trace function. Go to Manage data -> Create New -> Rule Trace. Fill all the mandatory information and click on submit.


  • Once this object is created load the MPH page again for the affected candidate. Click on continue till the filed that is null loads. Then Come back to manage data -> “object that you created”. In the above example it is “Test” and click on download. This will download the csv file. Check the csv file for rule executed. Disable the rule.

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