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3205107 - Selecting a Measure in a Chart Legend, does not highlight all the bars in the Column Chart in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


  • Not all the bars are highlighted.
  • Column Chart with a scroll-bar, does not highlights all the bars when selecting a Measure in the Chart Legend.
  • When selecting a Measure in a Chart Legend, not all the bars are highlighted in SAP Analytics Cloud, when the chart contains more data than can be shown, and it has a scroll-bar to view the data that cannot be shown in the area defined for the chart.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In SAP Analytics Cloud, create a Story.
  2. Add a Column Chart based on a Model with lots of data.
  3. Add at least 2 Measures to the Chart, and one Dimension.
  4. In the Chart Legend, select one Measure, and notice the bars corresponding to it are highlighted on the Chart.
  5. But if the Chart cannot display all the data because of the size of the chart is too small to contain everything, it will show a scroll-bar. When it is the case, if you select the scroll-bar, and move to the right, it does not highlight the bars that correspond to the Measure selected in the Chart Legend that were hidden when selecting the Measure in the Chart Legend.
    The expectation is when selecting in the Chart Legend a Measure, that all the bars corresponding to it is highlighted in the Chart regardless of the number of bars.


  • This issue is resolved in wave 2022.08


  • This issue is resolved in wave 2022.08 with the following limitation when selecting data points in a series for a chart that has many data points and requires scrolling: 

    Since only visible data points are rendered at a time, when the user selects a series in a chart with many data points, and then scrolls through the chart, only the subsequently rendered (i.e. visible) points are included in the selected series. In order to include all the points in a series, the user would need to select the series by clicking on the legend in the chart, and scroll through each point, ensuring each point is rendered (i.e. visible). Any points not yet rendered before getting scrolled outside of the visible plot area would not be included in the resulting selection.

    If the user selects a series, scrolls to another section of the chart, deselects and then reselects the same series from the legend, then the user would need to scroll through both ends of the chart, rendering each point, in order to include all the datapoints in the series in the resulting selection.

    When the user deselects a selected series, all datapoints of that series would be removed from the selection.

  • Extra notes:

    • chart types affected: bar column (or the column chart currently referenced), with/without stacked bars, with/without line (e.g. Combination Column & Line, Combination Stacked Column & Line)
    • scrolling will depend on the chart orientation (left/right, or up/down)
    • series selection will only select the data points in the series (i.e. excludes any variance and compound growth rate (CGR))


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SAP Analytics Cloud 1.0