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3205694 - Chrome configuration change: Private Network Access: introducing preflights in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Live Connections


  • An authentication error may occur and block access when using a DIRECT/CORS live data connection to on-premise data sources (see examples below) in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).
    • SAP Business Warehouse (BW),
    • SAP BW/4HANA,
    • SAP S/4HANA on-premise,
    • SAP HANA,
    • SAP HANA Extended Application Service Advance Model,
    • BPC Embedded (Live).
  • Affected preflight requests can also be viewed and diagnosed in the developer tools (CTRL + Shift + I) network panel.
  • Chrome network trace and console log will show error messages such as:
    • net::ERR_TIMED_OUT
    • Failed to load response data: No content available for preflight request


  • SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise and Embedded (OEM)
  • Chrome version 102 and later


Chrome configuration issue: 1329248: Public --> Private CORS requests failing in some situations due to PNA


  • Google has disabled the feature in the Chrome browser.
    • How to check:
      • Open a new Chrome browser tab.
      • Type in chrome://version/?show-variations-cmd into the Chrome address bar. 
      • Search for text: PrivateNetworkAccessSendPreflights/Disabled
    • If you have this text appearing in the Command-line variations section, then the feature is DISABLED, and SAC Live Connections will work as normal.
  • Google Chrome has issued a patch to only provide warnings in the browser if requests to remote (private) servers do not respond with Access-Control-Allow-Private-Network: true.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud development is aware of the changes coming in Chrome version 105 documented here:
  • SAP Analytics Cloud development is working on the issue internally with a variety of stakeholders.
  • If live connections stop working after upgrading to Chrome version 102, please follow the steps in the blog under the section:

Workaround (Only to be used if the PrivateNetworkAccessSendPreflights/Disabled setting is not present, see above on how to check).

The above change does not impact the current version of the Microsoft Edge browser. However, with the release of Edge version 102, the issue will be present there as well. The workarounds that are available for Google Chrome below will be the same for the Microsoft Edge browser.

If using Google Chrome. Please perform the steps below (the setting changes can be done either by end users or enterprise policies*):

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. To enable Chrome flags, simply type in “chrome://flags” into the Chrome address bar.
  3. Search for "preflights".
  4. Change the below 2 settings from "Default" to "Disabled" (screenshot below shows the Default setting):
    • Send Private Network Access preflights
    • Respect the result of Private Network Access preflights
      Screenshot below shows the Disabled setting:
  5. Relaunch (or restart) the browser.

*Enterprise Policy changes:

  1. Please go to the Chrome Enterprise and Education Release Notes and the “Chrome sends Private Network Access preflights for subresources” section.
  2. As per the instructions listed, you can disable Private Network Access checks using the InsecurePrivateNetworkRequestsAllowed and InsecurePrivateNetworkRequestsAllowedForUrls enterprise policies.

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