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3206743 - The Item Details Direct Link gives an error when launched from the Upcoming Reminder notification


Direct Link for Item Details page breaks the Upcoming Class Reminder Email Notification.


An application error has occurred. Please try again.

If you have further questions or issues regarding this error, please provide the error details below to your support group.

 Error message = For input string: "<REV_DATE_IN_LONG/>"

<br>Ticket No = 123273564<br>ErrorFingerprint [exceptionRootCauseTag=5522e8d5d080f6cb6bdb683e839ac713d480b0da, exceptionStackTraceTag=d7ac0f7d85434eb8c983824b06c99b03957a083b]<br>Timestamp = 2022-04-29T14:45:03.766+0000


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to LMS admin side.
  2. Go to Generate Direct Links menu.
  3. Pick the Item Details from the dropdown.
  4. Select Tokens.
  5. Copy it.
  6. Now go to Email Notification Templates menu.
  7. Search for ApmInstanceDelivery template ID.
  8. Edit it.
  9. Make sure the Editor flag is NOT checked.
  10. In the HTML version (NOT THE EDITOR) paste the copied text right above the <\LOOP> tag.
  11. Save it.
  12. Create a Class for the next day.
  13. Enroll a user with a valid email address that you have access to its mailbox.
  14. Go to the APM Upcoming Class Reminder Email Notification.
  15. Set the threshold to 7 days.
  16. Schedule the APM to the next minute.
  17. Once you receive the notification, click the Link in the notification.
  18. A validation error will be shown.

Notification template will look like (direct link tokens pasted highlighted in bold):

<label key="notification.ApmInstanceDelivery.MessageText1" arg0="<STUD_NAME/>" arg1="<STUD_ID/>"/> <label key="notification.ApmInstanceDelivery.MessageText2" arg0="<CPNT_TYPE_ID/>" arg1="<CPNT_ID/>" arg2="<REV_DATE/>" arg3="<CPNT_TITLE/>"/> <label key="notification.ApmInstanceDelivery.MessageText3" arg0="<START_DATE/>" arg1="<START_TIME/>"/> <label key="notification.ApmInstanceDelivery.MessageText4" arg0="<LOCN_ID/>" arg1="<LOCN_DESC/>"/> 
<DEEPLINK_NOTIFICATION linkType="ITEM_DETAILS" value="componentID=<URLENCODE value="<CPNT_ID/>"/>&componentTypeID=<URLENCODE value="<CPNT_TYPE_ID/>"/>&revisionDate=<URLENCODE value="<REV_DATE_IN_LONG/>"/>"/>


This is working as designed.


The Upcoming Reminder template does not support Direct Link to an Item or Class. This is a template to remind the learner that an upcoming class is near its start date.


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