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3207772 - Workflow is triggered despite condition not being met


  • You have configured workflow conditions to be triggered only when certain patterns are not match, for example, in the case of an inbound e-mail
  • The expectation is that the workflow should only be triggered when the subject does not match the pattern maintained in the workflow


  • SAP Cloud for Service
  • SAP Cloud for Sales
  • SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a workflow to send e-mail notification
  2. Configure the workflow conditions and use the:
    • "Conditions Met" criteria 
    • Rule Type = E-mail
    • Timing = On Create Only
  3. Under General Data add whatever is relevant for your business and set the Subject(s) to something like:
    • Does not match = Auto Response
    • Does not match = Out or Office
  4. Continue the configuration and activate the WF
  5. Send an e-mail to the corresponding e-mail channel defined under the "Sender Information" section in the workflow
    • The e-mail should have the same patterns defined above
    • If the e-mail channel has been configured correctly, a ticket should be created
  6. Check the workflow log from the ticket that was generated 


  • multiple possible causes
  • overlapping conflicts with other workflows (potentially)
  • configuration issue


  • In some case, the easiest option is to add wildcards to the start and the end of the pattern(s) defined.
    • In the above example we recommend adding the "*" infront and after the subject. 
    • For example:
      • Does not match = *Auto Response*
      • Does not match = *Out or Office*
  • If the problem happens in production; create the same workflow in a test environment and test it.
    • Ensure the order 
    • Ensure the criteria is exactly the same

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