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3208464 - Time Data in Employee Replication Seemingly Ignored by SAP Business ByDesign System


You have a replicated an employee into the system, but noticed that time data sent along in the request payload appears to have been ignored.


SAP Business ByDesign

Reproducing the Issue

First, send the employee replication request into SAP Business ByDesign and ensure that is has been successful.


  1. Open the Master Data Replication work center.
  2. Under Import, access the Employees work center view.
  3. Locate the employee's replication request by the Remote Employee ID (the employee's ID in the external system).
  4. Select it and click Edit.
  5. Navigate to the Time Administration tab.
  6. Here, you can see that the data you've passed in the payload (be it time model specification, assigned time accounts etc.) can be seen.


  1. Open the Time Administration work center.
  2. Access the Employees work center view.
  3. Locate the employee by the internal Employee ID (the ID generated by ByD upon the employee's creation).
  4. Select it and click Edit.
  5. In the employee's time file, you can see that the data from the replication request is not found.


Although part of the employee replication request, time data is actually written on a separated business object related to the Employee BO through association.

The time data object has its own integration process that, if not scoped, will cause time data from replication requests to not be written in the ByD system.


Please scope the time data integration as follows:

  1. Open the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Access the Implementation Projects work center view.
  3. Select your main implementation project and click Edit Project Scope.
    • On productive systems, this might require a change project; see KBA #1922087.
  4. Navigate through the wizard until step 3 - Scoping.
  5. Expand the Human Resources business topic.
  6. Below it, expand the Time and Labor Management business topic.
  7. Check the box for Integration of Employee Time Master Data from External Application to SAP Business ByDesign.
  8. Proceed with the scoping wizard until it is finished.

Note: as with other integration processes, once the integration of time data is scoped, system will expect all creations and changes to be done by integration. This means that directly editing an employee's time file in SAP Business ByDesign within the Time Administration work center will no longer be possible (with the exception being the Time Recording Method, which can be changed directly in the employee's time file at any time, even with time data integration scoped).


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