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3208962 - Reverting back to use Live Activity after enabling Agent Desktop


  • Your business started using the Agent Desktop
  • Now business wants to revert back to using the Live Activity


  • SAP Cloud for Service
  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Cloud for Sales


  • We highly recommend against switching back to live activity once agent desktop has been activated and used because of possible data loss issues.
    • For example:
      • activity documents may not appear in the customer hub timeline
      • CTI local adapter is not supported with Agent Desktop (simulating calls would not work)
  • The solution was not designed to co-exist, since these two would be competing 
  • Some side effects could be:
    • Data discrepancies
    • Reporting issues
    • Live interaction routing issues
    • And etc.,
  • Considering the above, if business still wants to pursuit the idea, then the following steps must be perform:
    1. Unassign the Agent desktop work center for the users either via the role or from the user level
      • From user level:
        1. Go Administration -> Business users
        2. Click edit Access rights and selected user * and remove the check Under:
          1. Work Center and View Assignments  Service
          2. Navigate to Service Agent Desktop (ID: COD_SEOD_AGENT_QUEUE_WCF ) -> [uncheck]
          3. Update Access rights -> update for selected users.
      • From the Business role level:
        1. Go to Administration-> general settings -> business roles
        2. Edit work center and view assignments -> navigate to Service Agent Desktop (ID: COD_SEOD_AGENT_QUEUE_WCF )
    2. Assign the "LIVE_ACTIVITY_CENTER" under Work Center and View Assignments for the same user/s
    3. Disable the Agent desktop:
      1. Go to Administrator -> Service and Social -> Configure Agent Desktop
      2. Under "General Settings" uncheck all the three options:
        • Create Activity from Interaction - Inbound
        • Create Activity from Interaction - Outbound
        • Open Agent Desktop when an agent accepts an incoming interaction.
      3. Go to Configure Widget and Provider, then remove all entries, save and test

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