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3209088 - Integrating BizX and LMS Post 1H 2022 Release


After the 1H 2022 release, the Learning Integration fields in Provisioning are read only or have automatically been set. How to update the read only fields in Provisioning?

Note: Provisioning is for Partners and SAP access only.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning


Note: Refer to KBA 3079390 for best practices before integration.

Learning tenant created post May 20th, 2022 with new BizX tenant:

  • Automatically integrated with the appropriate BizX tenant. There is no need to update the Learning Integration fields in Provisioning.
  • Validate that the SP Authorized Consumer Service has the Learning internal SSO URLs. The information can be found in the Partner Edge Integration Guide.
  • Instances which fall in this bracket, initial access to the LMS is given via SFADMIN in BizX/HXM. Please see the following KBA for more information 3329518.
  • Please also ensure you provide your BizX user with the relevant Learning Role Based Permissions (RBP), KBA for RBP troubleshooting 2321200.

Learning tenant created prior to May 20th, 2022, not integrated, and is on 1H 2022 version:

  • All normal integrations are still done. Please refer to the Partner Edge Integration Guide for basics such as creating corresponding Users and Admins with appropriate permissions and IDs.
  • Make sure that environments that are being integrated are on the same release cycle. Do not integrate a preview BizX environment with a production release cycle Learning environment. This is improper setup which will require to redo integration.
  • Make sure "Enable SuccessFactors Learning integration in Provisioning" is disabled in Provisioning before following the below steps, otherwise the confirmation will result in a failure.
  • Basic steps required for integrating BizX and Learning (still adhere to the above first):
    1. In Provisioning > Authorized SP Assesrtion Consumer Service Settings > Add in the Learning URLs as specified in the Implementation Guide on Partner Edge
    2. Access Learning Administration through native login
    3. Go to System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > BIZX
      1. Change successFactorsLearningEnabled to true
      2. Update baseURL with the BizX URL. Example:
      3. Update successFactorsCompanyID with the CompanyID. Example: Company12345
      4. Set metadataProviders[IDP1].value from https://saml-idp-server/idp/samlmetadata?company=${successFactorsCompanyID} to the baseURL + CompanyID. Example:
      5. Apply Changes
      6. In the SuccessFactors Learning Integration URL set the value of the LMS URL such as
      7. In the Learning Integration Status section, press Confirm
    4. The system will confirm the integration and update Provisioning
    5. In Provisioning>Company Settings> enable the "Enable SuccessFactors Learning Integration" and save changes (Learning URL is set)
    6. Optional: In Company Settings enable "Enable granting SuccessFactors Learning roles to permission groups" and save changes
      • This setting will enable the "Create Static Group For Learning Roles" option in Manage Permission Groups. Users that are added to the group will be given the Learning Role that is associated to it. Users can only be added to the group via an HXM API 'UpdateStaticGroup'.
  • Note: Prior to logging out of Learning, the job will state if it's successful or not. Refresh the page to validate the status of the job. Use an incognito window to access Provisioning to validate.

Learning tenant created prior to May 20th, 2022, not integrated, and is not on 1H 2022 version (VSaaS):

  • Engage Product Support so a backend job can be ran by the Operations team to integrate the environments. Please make sure to provide:
    1. Company ID
    2. BizX Data Center URL
    3. Learning URL

Learning tenant created post May 20th, 2022 and will be integrated to existing BizX tenant:

  • This is most likely a scenario that there was integration done that has a mismatch of release cycles between Learning and BizX. Example would be a preview release cycle Learning environment but a production release cycle BizX environment. When fixing this, do the following:
    1. Follow the best practices as noted above
    2. Delete the Authorized Consumer Service Learning URL entry
    3. Disable the Learning Integration under Company Settings
    4. Follow the process outlined in KBA 3209088

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