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3210160 - An analytic application crashes with error "Out of memory" in the design time in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


For a specific analytic application with a complex design, when you open it with the edit mode, the Chrome window crashes after some time.

  • Aw, Snap!
    Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.
    Error code: Out of Memory
  • If you open this application with the Chrome developers tool (F12) opened and filter requests with "GetResponse" in the Network tab, you will see hundreds of requests (near 100 or more "GetResponse" calls are related to the data queries.)
  • It is possible that the issue happens in one of your SAC tenants but does not happen with the same application in other tenants. 


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.8.7

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open an analytic application in the edit mode.
  2. Navigate in it or just wait without any UI interaction.


This application is too complex. For example, if you check in the Chrome developer tools, you observe one or more following cases:

  • 1. Hundreds of MB client request resources.
  • 2. Hundreds of requests. (~100 "GetResponse" calls are related to the data query.)
  • 3. Some query requests take long with relatively huger response data than other normal requests. (For example, maybe some privilege change, more data could be queried than before. Such kinds of huge query data should be reduced.)


Short term solution is to increase the default chrome memory limit (for example,"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --js-flags="--max-old-space-size=8192" ) and reduce the data volume on your tenant. But there will still be some potential risk for chrome out of memory. 

The long-term recommendation from our side is: Optimize your application design to avoid consuming too much memory consumption by 
  • reducing the widgets number
  • reducing requests number(delay widget initialization/lazy loading if unnecessary)
  • filtering data (limit data size in each query).
In addition, from our experience, in most of the cases, our Performance Best Practices are not applied or are partially applied, thus the Applications still has poor performance.
Please have a deeper look into the newest version of SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer Developer Handbook -> Chapter 14. Performance Best Practices


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