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3215064 - Revenue Recognition Run Does Not Consider Manual POC and Recognizes 100% Revenue Instead


  • You execute the revenue recognition run for for a project-based fix-price sales order item, using accrual method 102 - Recognize using cost-to-cost POC. For the selected accounting period you maintained a manual POC. 
  • You notice that the run recognizes 100% of the sales order item's net value and does not consider the manual POC. 


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Reproducing the Issue

To maintain the manual POC:

  1. In the Cost and Revenue workcenter go to the Sales Document Items view. 
  2. Find sales order item XYZ-XX (XYZ-XX represents the sales order item ID). 
  3. Press Edit Manual Revenue Recognition Data and select Percentage of Completion.
  4. Enter a manual Percentage for the respective period, for example: 75%, valid from 01.12.YYYY to 31.12.YYYY (YYYY represents the calendar year). 
  5. Press Save and Close.

Execute the revenue recognition run:

  1. Still in the Sales Document Items view select item XYZ-XX and press Revenue Recognition and select Execute Revenue Recognition. 
  2. Enter the respective accounting period and fiscal year, for example period 012.YYYY. 
  3. Press OK. 

To check the revenue recognition run result,

  1. either access the run's application log in the Revenue Recognition view or remain in the Sales Document Items view and 
  2. press Revenue Recognition and select Revenue Recognition History to open the Revenue Recognition History report. 
  3. Check the posted values for the just executed report.

You notice that the full sales order item's net value has been recognized in the selected period instead of the manually maintained POC of 75%.


The sales order item's fulfillment status has already been completed (the fulfillment status of a project-based sales order item is completed when the associated project task is no longer open/with status Released.

As soon as a project-based sales order item's fulfillment status is completed the manual POC is no longer considered. Instead, 100% of the item's net value are recognized.

To check the fulfillment status of the sales order item

  1. go to the Sales Document Items view.
  2. Find item XYZ-XX.
  3. Go to the Dates sub-tab.
  4. Here, a Final Delivery Date appears. 


Reset the sales order item's fulfillment status by reopening the associated project task:

  1. In the Sales Document Items view go to the Associated Objects view. 
  2. Sales Order item XYZ-XX is associated with project ABC and project task ABC-X (ABC represents the project ID. ABC-X represents the associated project task  ID). 
  3. Choose the project ID, here ABC, to open the project.
  4. In the Project, find project task ABC-X.
  5. Change the status of the project task to Released. 
  6. Press Save. 

Now execute the revenue recognition run for period 012.YYYY.

This time the manual POC, here 75%, will be considered.


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