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3215658 - New calls create a new browser pop-up each time an alert is triggered - how can this be suppressed?


  • You are using the CTI Local Adapter scenario with your CTI integration per KBA 3156554
  • When a call arrives, the inbound notification creates many additional browser popup sessions with the OK response
  • Business would like to avoid such situations, which causes irritations to the users and impacts their performance
  • How can this popup be suppressed?


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Cloud for Service
  • SAP Cloud for Sales

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Make several inbound calls
  2. With each call a new browser window is popped up (with the message "OK"), which causes the users to constantly closing unused sessions


  • 3rd party issue
  • The "All OK" message is the HTTP response returned by the CTI adapter to advise that the request has been successfully completed.
  • When CTI passes the information using the browser, such be side effects will be observed


  • Request the CTI provider to avoid sending the URL parametrized commands via the browser
  • Instead of using the browser to pass the payload information to the CTI Local Adapter, have the CTI send the same information in the background
  • See the example provided using C#:
    urlparam1 = “ANI=408-361-3611&DNIS=1-800-455-5555&BP=1000655&SerialNo=XY234567T&TicketID=8003456&Type=CALL&EventType=INBOUND”; urlparam2 = urlparam1 + ExternalReferenceID=56432156787890&Custom_1=value1&Custom_2=value2&Custom_3=valu31&Custom_4=value4”; “url = http://localhost:36729/?CID=BCM1234&” + urlparam2; HttpWebRequest webReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url); HttpWebResponse WebResp = (HttpWebRequest)webReq.GetResponse();

    In this example, Urlparam is split into multiple strings only for better readability.

See Also

 3156554 - CTI Integration Options with SAP Cloud for Customer (Service and Sales)


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