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3215948 - The following Error occurs in a Document :Party with role XYZ missing (XYZ represents the Party Role).


The following Error occurs in a Document: Party XYZ does not exist (XYZ represents the Party Role).


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This error can occur in multiple areas of the system.

Please see the different scenarios referenced in the Resolution section.



3018087 -  Error When Completing Contract - Party with Role Supplier Missing


Sales Order:

1811256 - You get an Error Message in the Sales Order: "Party with role Sales Employee missing"

3060987 -  Supplier/Fulfillment is Removed for the Released Sales Order Line Items

2875266 - Create Sales Order with Reference to a Sales Quote via Webservice

2614246 - Error Message "Organizational unit ID ABC does not exist in master data" in Sales Document

2548518 - The Sales Order or Sales Quotes Uploaded via Excel Failed with Errors

2852086 - Third Party Inter Company Scenario


Service Order:

2626062 - Error 'Party with role Sales Unit missing; maintain in Involved Parties tab' in a Service Order

2682040 - The Service Order Uploaded via Excel Failed with Errors


Customer Invoicing:

2831487 - Rebate Credit Memo not Created; Accrued Amount is Zero

2120644 - Unable to Cancel the Manual Credit Memo Invoice Request


Other useful KBA:

2852861 - Party Role Determination in a Sales Document


Party with role &1 missing; Party Role; missing; error; /PAPR/PARTY_ADMIN; CL_A1SCRM_OPP_MSG; CL_A1SCRM_OPP_MSG; CL_A1SCRM_SOC_MSG; CL_A1SCRM_SRVREQ_MSG; CL_CDA_DOCIT , KBA , AP-SLO-SO , Sales Order , AP-CI-CIR , Customer Invoice Request , Problem


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