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3216492 - The default currency values are slightly different between the public version and the private version in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning (SAC)


The following behavior occurs in a model with the currency conversion enabled in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning (SAC):

  • When you copy a public version to a private version, you notice the default currency value of the private version is slightly different from the value of the original public version.
  • When you make edits to a public version, you notice the default currency value is changed to a slightly different value.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise) 2022.2.12


This works as designed.

When you are observing the public version, the values are taken from View and the conversion from local currency to default currency happens at the time of reporting(conversion happens after aggregation).
But when you copy these values to a private version or start public edit mode, these values are converted at the lowest granularity level and stored in the private version. They are aggregated afterwards.
Hence the values shown are due to these conversion rounding effects at different levels.

However, the changed values shown here have only a temporary effect if there are no changes done. This only has an effect if you change values and publish (and also only the rows which are changed)


The possible ways to minimize the effects are:

  1. Plan in local currency: If you plan in local currency, all the other values are shown as they are - so no conversion is done.
  2. Use the new model: The new model supports planning in local currency better. Because when you start public edit mode, no conversion happens but only during data entry or copy & paste time. So the temporary changes that you see on other cells now will not be seen.

However, if there are multiple conversions back & forth then it's impossible to guarantee that the values will stay exactly the same.

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