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3216502 - S/4HANA Cloud Single Reconciliation Account for Bank Accounts Restrictions


Single Reconciliation Account for Bank Accounts in Financial Accounting S/4HANA Cloud Restrictions

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Balance Sheet Reporting

The following reporting solutions do not support the reporting on House Bank account level for Single Bank Reconciliation Accounts and Bank Clearing Accounts (G/L Account with type Cash Account). The fields HBKID Short Key for a House Bank and HKTID ID for Account Details are not available).

The following reports provide the reporting on G/L account level only:

e-Balance Sheet and e-Profit and Loss

Tax Audit

The following tax audit processes are not possible for Single Bank Reconciliation Accounts and Bank Clearing Accounts (G/L Account with type Cash Account):

Run Advanced Compliance Reports/German Audit Z3 Reporting

Profit Center Derivation
Profit Center derivation of default Profit Center on House Bank Account level is not possible. The derivation of Profit Center will be done on G/L account level and all House Bank Accounts will have the same default Profit Center.   

Advanced Valuations

From release 2202 new customers are automatically activated for Advanced Valuations and for New Bank account ledger (Single Bank Reconciliation Accounts and Bank Clearing Accounts (G/L Account with type Cash Account)): in parallel. 

Single Reconciliation Account for Bank Accounts can be valuated using Advanced Valuations. 

Classical Valuations 

To enable Foreign Currency Valuation for Single Reconciliation Account for Bank Accounts using the app Perform Foreign Currency Valuation/app Schedule General Ledger Jobs, Job template: Foreign Currency Valuation (SAP_FIN_GL_FOR_CURR_VAL):

The fields HBKID (Bank Account) and HKTID (Account ID) must be activated for G/L Balance Valuation using Configuration activity 'Activate Additional Fields for Valuations' ID 103254 

However, the following restrictions remain:

  1. In the selection screen the single reconciliation G/L account for bank accounts can be valuated only. It is not possible to select and valuate individual bank accounts (HBKID and HKTID).
  2. The valuation is possible as G/L Balance Valuation only. It is not possible to use the valuation for open-item managed G/L accounts.
  3. Account determination of Foreign Currency Valuation is not possible on the level of individual bank accounts (HBKID, HKTID). The account determination can be performed on G/L account level only. 
  4. The result list (documents and postings) can be provided on G/L account level only and does not contain bank account information (HBKID, HKTID).
  5. The reset functionality can be only performed on G/L account level. Reset of Foreign currency valuation of individual bank accounts (HBKID and HKTID) is not possible. 
  6. In case several bank accounts (HBKID, HKTID) with the same currency are assigned to one bank reconciliation account there is a problem with the determination of the P&L account. For all these bank accounts the same P&L account (gain or loss) is used for the valuation posting. Solution proposal: Use different reconciliation accounts to separate the bank accounts (only one bank account with same currency). Alternatively you have to create a manual correction posting.

With Advanced Valuation active for one accounting principle and classical valuation active for another accounting principle note the following:

For Advanced Foreign Currency Valuation Postings are always made to the account to be valuated. Configuration activity Define Rules for Advanced Foreign Currency Valuation (ID 105450) is used for Gain/Loss accounts 

For Classical Valuation configuration activity Automatic Account Determination (ID 100297) is used for the determination of accounts is used in the foreign currency valuation. See 3264915 - Release Information Note: Automatic Account Determination for S/4HANA Cloud Edition 2302 section Prepare Automatic Postings for Foreign Currency Valuation (transaction group FWA) 

Further information

  • The adjustment account used in the configuration must be configured following your reporting requirements:
    • If there is a requirement to report on bank account level for the adjustment line item, a bank reconciliation account must be used as adjustment account. The adjustment line item will get the information of HBKID and HKTID from the original posting by default.
    • If there is no requirement to report on bank account level for the adjustment line item, a bank reconciliation account must not be used as adjustment account. It is possible to use a P&L account. It has to be ensured that the information from HBKID and HKTID is not transferred to the adjustment line item. This could be achieved with different approaches. The most simple way is to use a G/L account with an appropriate field status group. The field status group must suppress the two fields HBKID and HKTID. 

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