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3217472 - Event-Based Revenue Recognition only posted to one ledger


Event-Based Revenue Recognition(EBRR) is triggered at the time of original postings to cost object(Customer Project/Sales document/Service Document, etc).
Original posting is posted to all ledgers(for example, 0L and 2L), but revenue recognition is only posted to one ledger 2L.




Ledger 0L is not customized for revenue recognition properly, but 2L is well arranged.
The ledger setting is not consistent.

For example, EBRR posting is missing in company code 2910, 0L.

Kindly check which Accounting Principle is used for company code 2910 in Event-Based Revenue Recognition configuration.
'Maintain Settings for Event-Based Revenue Recognition'/(SSCUI 102530 in APP Manage Your Solution):
Recognition Keys->Company Code and Accounting Principle Settings:
for example, company code 2910, ledger 0L accounting principle is CAAP.

Then check ledger settings, configuration 'Assign Accounting Principles to Ledgers and Company Codes'/(SSCUI 103556 in APP Manage Your Solution):
Kindly check if Accounting Principle in ledger level is consistent with Accounting Principle in company code level.
For example, in ledger level, for ledger 0L, Accounting Principle is USAP, if you check 'Assignment of Accounting Principle to Company Code', 
for Company Code 2910, Accounting Principle is CAAP which is inconsistent with ledger level USAP.

If customer maintain the accounting principle "USAP" in ledger 0L, EBRR will select the data only with accounting principle "USAP" for 0L.
For company code 2910 there is not accounting principle "USAP" for 0L, but only "CAAP".
No match accounting principle data for 0L will cause no posting to 0L for company code 2910.


It's recommended to remove accounting principle(leave as blank) for ledger level, if they have different accounting principles for different company codes in company code level.


FINS_REV_REC000, FINS_ACDOC_CUST048, FINS_ACDOC_CUST468, Accounting Principle, Assign Accounting Principles to Ledgers and Company Codes, Revenue Recognition. , KBA , CO-PC-OBJ-EBR , Event-Based Revenue Recognition , Problem


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