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3217786 - Tax Information Fields Missing in Mass Data Maintenance


You want to update the  required tax information like Representative Name, Business Type, Type of Business, Contact Email of Customer Master in Financial Data using Mass Data Maintenance excel template, these fields are not available.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Account Management workcenter
  2. Select Accounts view
  3. Select the required Account
  4. Open Financial Data 
  5. Select Tax Data
  6. Here you want to update all the fields mentioned above
  7. Now go to Mass Data Manitenance workcenter
  8. Select Customers Import Link
    You are unable to see the Tax Data for update


Mass Data Maintenance does not support Tax Information.


It is possible to do the mass update via web service "ManageCustomerIn"

 You can use below payload, ex for South Korea:

<n0:CustomerBundleMaintainRequest_sync_V1 xmlns:n0=" ">



 <Customer actionCode="04">


  <TaxNumber actionCode="04">


    <TaxIdentificationNumberTypeCode listID="KR">2</TaxIdentificationNumberTypeCode>

    <PartyTaxID schemeID=" "></PartyTaxID>

   <n1:RepresentativeName xmlns:n1=" "></n1:RepresentativeName>

   <n1:SouthKoreaFirstResponsibleDepartmentName xmlns:n1=" "></n1:SouthKoreaFirstResponsibleDepartmentName>

   <n1:SouthKoreaFirstResponsiblePersonName xmlns:n1=" "></n1:SouthKoreaFirstResponsiblePersonName>

   <n1:SouthKoreaFirstResponsiblePersonEmailID schemeID="Token 2362" xmlns:n1=" "></n1:SouthKoreaFirstResponsiblePersonEmailID>






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