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3223291 - Error ''Employee with Emp ID 'XXX' and Login ID 'YYY' could not be updated because the Employee ID was specified as 'ZZZ'. If you want to change the Employee ID"


You are replicating employee in SAP Business ByDesign system with Concur. When running the Employee Outbound run, you are receiving the following error:


"Employee ID: XXX

Employee with Emp ID 'XXX' and Login ID 'YYY' could not be updated because the Employee ID was specified as 'ZZZ'. If you want to change the Employee ID, please use the[...]

Employee XXX not replicated"

  • Where: 
    • XXX stands for the Employee ID being replicated.
    • YYY stands for the Employee's e-mail address.
    • ZZZ stands for a different Employee ID.

Although employee ID ZZZ is referring to a terminated employee, it is not possible to stop the system using that data.


 SAP Business ByDesign

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Master Data Replication work center.
  2. Go to Employee Outbound Runs view.
  3. Search for relevant Application Log.
  4. Go to Results tab.
  5. You will see the error.


There are a few possible causes for this error.

  • Scenario 1: the Employee ZZZ has been manually changed in Concur.
  • Scenario 2: this employee might have more than one employee ID in Concur, which is associated with the e-mail address YYY.
  • Scenario 3: this Employee is possibly being re-hired, but with a different Employee ID (which means a new person, for the system). A new Employee ID also requires a new e-mail address for the Concur system. Both e-mail address and Employee ID are key and it is not possible to "reuse" one of them for a different user.

    This error message indicates that there is an Employee ZZZ in Concur instance with e-mail address YYYY. And now XXX (new Employee) is sent with the same e-mail address, which is rejected.


To fix this, you need to search for the relevant Employee in Concur (make sure to include inactive employees in the search) and check if the relevant Employee's data is correct. You may change their e-mail address manually to a different one. After that, the replication of the new Employee should go through.

If this is not feasible or the situation appears to be different, open a case for SAP Product Support with the following information:

  • Explain the scenario.
  • Inform us about all employee IDs for the affected employee in both systems, including their status.
  • Inform us to which employee e-mail address YYY is assigned in Concur.
  • Which employee ID is the correct one in ByD?
  • Why is there more than one employee ID?
  • Which on needs to be terminated?
  • Which e-mail address shall be kept for employee ZZZ?
  • Would it be an option from your point of view to delete one of the employee IDs in Concur?


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