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3225746 - Frequently Asked Questions on ByD B2B (ByD Integration)


This KBA is to list some of the frequently asked questions on ByD Integration (B2B).

The scope of this KBA is restricted to:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Authentication
  • Communication Arrangement
  • Communication Scenarios (lifecycle)


SAP Business Bydesign


1. Where to find the APIs for SAP Business ByDesign?


2. SAP Business ByDesign – API Overview

Refer to the blog -

3. What are the possible Integration scenarios with SAP Business Bydesign?

Refer -

4. How can you expand your business with SAP Business Technology Platform?

Refer -

5. How to add an Operation into a Communication Scenario?

  • Go to Application and User Management work center
  • Select Communication Scenario view
  • Select New button
  • Give a Name for the scenario
  • Now, select Add Operations button and Search for the respective operations (eg: Find Accounts)
  • Save and Close

Note: In case if you search with Operation name in Scenario screen then your search result will be nil

6. SAP Business ByDesign Integration Scenarios

Access the link for the release 2208 -

To access the latest version, change the version 2208 to a latest release version of ByD

7. Why the ping test always fails for third party integration scenario?

Refer KBA "1903596 - SOAP Ping fails with 3rd party service provider" for details

8. Why isolate button is not available in production system?

When system is migrated from production system to test system then only isolation happens.
when test system is made as a copy of production, in order to prevent the URLs in communication arrangement to still point to production
it is marked as isolated.

so isolate/deisolate buttons are there only in test tenants. In prod system isolate will not be listed.

9. How to get ByDesign Code Lists via Web Service QueryCodeListIn?

Refer to the blog - How to get ByDesign Code Lists via Web Service QueryCodeListIn | SAP Blogs

10. Is SSO supported for Communication Arrangements scenarios?

No. SSO would not be relevant for Communication Arrangement's Users as the users used in Communication arrangement are technical users, with which the incoming communication calls are authenticated.

11. Is it possible to use Communication Arrangement to connect SAP Business bydesign tenant to a software installed in a local PC/laptop which doesnt have the provision to connect with internet?

No, this requirement is not possible

12. Why are inbound and outbound messages grouped under the "Communication Arrangement Not Determined" scenario in the Communication Usage Monitor view?

This is a generic message which is displayed in all systems. No action needs to be taken on this and it can be ignored.


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