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3225780 - Frequently Asked Questions on SAP Business ByDesign User Interface (ByD UI)


This KBA lists some of frequently asked questions in the topic of SAP Business ByDesign User Interfaces (ByD UI)


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1. Is it possible to create Page Layout? 

For the SAP Business ByDesign, it is required to be via PDI and create UI Switches in the UI designer.

Refer to the documentation below:

How to make a UI flexible/dynamic using UI Switch in SDK/PDI/Cloud ApplicationStudio

2. When using a drop down list it displays only 30 items in the list.

This occurs for all fields in any application area, the suggested values in the UI are max 30 entries.

3. You want to add the field Status to the OWL in the work center Payables view Supplier Accounts, but the field is not available in the adaption mode.

The field Status cannot be added in OWL of Supplier Accounts view via Adaptation Mode; this is standard behavior.

4. Is it possible to revert a deleted extension field?

It is not possible to retrieve the deleted extension fields from the system. It is required to recreate the fields in your system.

5. Does SAP Business ByDesign have an option to restrict its Logins with only specific machines?

There are no restrictions imposed by SAP in this regard.

6. You want to rename a field, in the additional fields in the customer account address. The changes do not reflect after Publishing.

To active your changes after you Publishing, keep the Address Dialog open and save / publish on current screen. The changes will only appear on any Dialog Box when it is Open during Publishing.

7. Do we have additional information about Horizon Theme?

Refer to the KBA 3231664 - Horizon Theme / Appearance Available in ByD with 2208 Release

8. Is it possible to modify extension fields created via adaptation through Web Services?

No, it is possible to create / modify Extension Fields only through adaptation mode (KUT fields) and SDK (PDI fields)

9. Multiple sessions appear on the logon screen of the tenant for a particular user.

As it may be caused by abrupt disconnection or close the browser accidentally and so on, it would remain in the session log. As it will be cleared automatically in two hours, and it is possible to delete other sessions by clicking delete button.

10.When you are able to add sticky notes in business partner however it is not available in SDK?

The Sticky notes are defined only for Standard UI views and won't be able to access with SDK.

11. You have created a default value of the extension field and maintained a default value, but the UI shows the value partially.

As there is a generic restriction for default values. Hence, they cannot be longer than 80 characters, independent of the actual datatype of the field.

12. User is using adaptation changes to hide a field, tab, or any changes, but end users are using personalization mode and reverting those changes. Why adaptation changes are not at the highest level?

The behavior is a standard behavior where user personalization takes precedence over key user adaptation.

To restrict the field from being available for business users, check with your authorization team.

The key user adaptation settings can be overwritten by personalization. To restrict the personalization; it can be achieved through Key User Settings->Company Settings->General->Disable User Personalization features.

13. Can different user edit the same document in parallel?

The system locks out the 2nd user, whenever the 2nd user opens the same document. The system would also display contact information of the 1st user.

14. A default value is maintained for the extension field, but a different value shows in the extension field when create a new document.

If the extension scenario is also configured, the extension field will fetch data according to the extension scenario and the fetched value will overwrite the default value. For example, extension scenario is from A to B, the extension field in B will load the data of the same extension field in the A.

15. The extension scenario is configured, but it does not work as expected. The value of extension field is not fetched from one scenario to another.

The extension field needs to be added to both the source and target scenarios so that the field in the target scenario will fetch the data in the source scenario. In addition, each extension scenario works independently. For example, the settings are from scenario A to scenario B and From scenario B to scenario C. The extension field needs to be added to all the three scenarios. The value will not transform from scenario A to scenario C directly.

16. When using reports in Responsive UI, how to set up key figure conditions and exceptions?

Creating conditions and exceptions on key figures are not yet supported in Responsive UI, it is required to use another UI, For example: HTML5 to create key figure conditions / exceptions. When saving them in the report view, they will be applied in Responsive UI as well.

17. If any changes done via Adaptation mode in SAP Business ByDesign Tenant, will it be notified to all SAP Business ByDesign users?

No, currently this feature is not supported in SAP Business ByDesign Tenant.


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