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3225854 - SAP Analytics Cloud - FAQ about Support Advanced Feature


You have questions about the Support Advanced Feature functionality available in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?


SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise)


What is Support Advanced Feature?

It allows SAP support to access live data from your on-premise remote systems to better be able to troubleshoot issues that interact with this live data.


  • You can still open remote connection (WTS connection, HTTP-based Tool Connection, etc.) to enable SAP Support to troubleshoot live data issue.
  • Such remote connections may also be requested by SAP Support or Development according to the investigation situation.

What tenant will have this feature?

The Support Advanced Feature functionality is only available in non-SAP Data Centers. Determine which environment SAP Analytics Cloud is hosted in by inspecting your SAP Analytics Cloud URL:

  • A single-digit number, for example us1 or jp1, indicates an SAP data center (NEO).
  • A two-digit number, for example eu10 or us30, indicates a non-SAP data center (CF).

What user will have access to this feature?

The feature is only accessible and usable only by Support User.

What live data source can be used for this feature?

Currently, the feature is only available for Live BW Direct (CORS) connection.

What are Prerequisites and Steps to enable this feature?

Like all other advanced features such as scheduling the publication of stories, this support advanced feature will also require one connection using the cloud connector, which is an SAP application that you would install inside your own internal network to allow SAP Analytics Cloud to communicate with your on-premise systems. See detail of Prerequisites and Steps to enable this feature from Get More Help and SAP Support.

Which users/roles are needed in customer's on-premise BW system?

With this Support Advanced Feature, regardless of the authentication method set for the BW connection, the support users will authenticate to the BW system using Basic authentication.
The following users/roles are needed in the customers' on-premise BW system:

  • A user on the customer’s BW system that can authenticate using Basic authentication.
  • A user is fully managed (Create/Update/Delete) by customer self.
    • Customer can create the user on their BW system right before logging a ticket for SAP support and delete it once it is not needed anymore.
    • Customer can also keep the user and change its password for later usage.
  • The privileges for that BW user are also entirely managed by the customer and should follow the principle of least required privilege.
    • As best practice, the BW user to leverage the support advanced feature should have same privileges as the BW user, which is used to reproduce the issue by customer self when opening story in browser.

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