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3226130 - Pipeline Flow Categories


This document described the categories of the Pipeline Flow under Intelligent Sales Execution.


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Pushed Out: Pushed out means opportunities which were initially part of the period for which pipeline flow chart is being drawn, but it was pushed out to a different period by change of close date. Example: Opportunity A  has close date of June 5 , 2022. But  in May, 2022, close date was changed to August 5 2022

Pulled In: Pulled in is the reverse of pushed out. It was an opportunity which was initially supposed to close at a particular period  outside the selected period but got pulled into the current period. Example: Opportunity A  has close date of August 5 2022. But  in May, 2022, close date was changed to June 5 2022. When you look at the pipeline flow for month of June, you would see this in pulled in category.

Progressed: These are opportunities where forecast category has improved. Example: moved from pipeline to best case or best case to committed.

Regressed: Opportunities where forecast category has deteriorated. Example: best case ->  pipeline, or committed to best case.

Omitted:Opportunities where status is stopped.


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