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3227789 - CompoundEmployee API: Can Position Title (and other organization entity data) be extracted?


Can the Position Title from Position object be retrieved using Compound Employee API?

You have similar questions about retrieving data from other organization entities / objects such as, Division, Department etc.



  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
    • CompoundEmployee API


Reproducing the Issue

  1. You perform a CompoundEmployee API query request to retrieve employee data
  2. You observe that only the code is returned under the <position> of the <job_inofmration> segment of the query response
    E.g <position>1234567</position>
  3. You observe the same behavior for other fields related to organizational objects which are returned under <job_information>:
  4. You notice there is no option to retrieve any further (other than the codes) from these objects via CompounEmployee API



This is the expected behavior & behaves this way by design



Position object data itself is not directly accessed by Compound Employee API. Compound Employee API exposes only Position Code under job_information segment.


The following path in SFAPI Data Dictionary is used to fetch Position Code in Compound Employee API.

  • /person/employment_information/job_information/position
  • The same is true & applies all other organisational object data mentioned above



Information such as this (titles, names, status, etc.) are associated with the organizational entities / objects, not the employee.

CompoundEmployee API focuses on data specific to the employee only.


Due to above standard behaviour, Position Title from Position entity / object (and similar data from other org objects) cannot be retrieved using Compound Employee API.

This will NOT be considered as an enhancement for future releases



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