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Configuration Steps

Email notifications are an integral part of the onboarding process that help channel vital information to onboarding participants, for reference or action or both.

Accessing the Email Services
Email Services provide all the resources you need to setup and manage an effective notification process in your system.
Preconfigured Email Templates in Onboarding
Email Templates are preformatted files that serve as a starting point in the process of creating email notifications.
Business Rules in Email Services
You can create business rules to setup conditions for filtering the right notification.
Configuring Specific Document Types as Email Attachments
As an alternative to setting up business rules for email attachments, you can configure only specific document types to be shared with new hires and other stakeholders in the onboarding process.
Managing Email Templates
You can perform various operations to manage your email templates that include adding, editing, reusing, copying or deleting email templates.
Using Email Status
Email Status is a part of Email Services in Onboarding, which contains a historic list of emails sent out by the system.
Configuring Email Triggers
You can configure an email trigger to determine when to send email notifications.
Configuring Email Categories
You can configure email categories to represent email template groups and build email attributes, such as recipient and content.
Unsubscribing from Email Notifications
If you no longer wish to receive onboarding related emails, you can choose to unsubscribe the notifications.
Troubleshooting Steps
1. Onboarding e-mails not triggering for specific new hire
To get the root cause of the issue you need to check the backend logs. Kindly refer the class file name in Internal Memo which needs to be used to get the Splunk logs. This issue is observed mostly because of the below reasons-
  • Multiple email templates might be triggering for the same trigger and email of the recipient(mostly manager) is not maintained in the Employee File for them. Make sure valid emails are maintained in the Employee Profile of all the recipients for all the templates.
  • Multiple email templates might be triggering for the same trigger and email of the recipient(mostly manager) is unsubscribed. For the manager of the new hire, the Email Notifications are not enabled/unsubscribed under Change User Email Notifications setting. There might be a case where multiple active profiles for the new hire's manager exists in the system and for all of them same email ID is maintained. For one of the profile the emails are unsubscribed in this setting which could cause this issue. 

2.  Welcome Message Email Not Triggered to any of the New Hires

Check the initial configurations from Onboarding end as per the below KBA-

The issue observed mostly is that the Onboarding emails are not being sent to a particular domain. Kindly create an internal ticket to Platform team for DKIM and SPF configuration details as mentioned in the below KBA-

NOTE: Component to be used for this issue LOD-SF-PLT-NOT to be reported to SAP Support

3. Need emails to be sent post Personal Data Collection or at trigger points other than the standard email templates available.

Custom Triggers and Custom Categories are not supported in Onboarding Emails

4. Restart Reason needs to be sent in the Restart email template

Custom tokens are not supported in Onboarding Emails and only the pre-delivered tokens can be included in emails.

5. Password reset link is getting redirected to SSO despite clicking on the link for the first time and not having reset their password in the past.

Kindly refer the below KBA for different causes and resolution for this issue-
6. Reminder emails triggering even after new hire completed Personal Data Collection and Additional Data Collection steps
This is a known issue in the system and Engineering Team is working on to fix the same. Kindly refer to internal memo for JIRA number and timeline for the fix.

7. Username is no longer populating Username Field automatically when using login URL

Username is not available in Login page by default post 1H 2022 release. Please refer the below KBA for this information-

8. Email Services is Missing in Admin center or Not loading

Incorrect configuration and missing permissions-


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