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3228995 - System is Not Accepting Manual Serial Number during Post Goods Receipt And Does Not Display Any Error.


You are performing Post Goods Receipt and when you try to manually enter Serial Number in the 'Create Inbound Delivery and Goods Receipt' screen, the system clears the value you enter into the Next Serial Number field. Also, the system does not return any error message. However, if you use the Upload function, the Serial Numbers are confirmed without any issue. You therefore would like to know why the system is behaving this way.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to the Inbound Logistics work center.
  2. Go to the Purchase Orders view.
  3. Find and select the relevant Purchase Order.
  4. Click Post Goods Receipt.
  5. Go to the Serial Numbers tab (if not automatically navigated there already).
  6. Click the Next Serial Number field and enter a valid Serial Number and hit enter on your keyboard.
  7. The value disappears without any error message. However, if you use the Upload function, this works flawlessly. 


You have not scoped Automatic Identification in your system and that is required for the automatic creation of Serial Number.
Upload is not based on this Business Configuration scoping and hence it is working.


To resolve the issue, you need to scope Automatic Identification option in Business Configuration. You can find this option in scoping by navigating to:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Navigate to the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select the relevant Implementation Project and click Edit Project Scope.
  4. Click Next until you get to the phase '3 Scoping".
  5. Expand 'Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Logistics'.
  6. Expand 'Task Management and Automation'.
  7. Check mark 'Automatic Identification' to activate same into your scope.
  8. Finish the selection and deploy the solution.
  9. After that if you try again to post the goods issue, the manual input of Serial Number should work.

Note: You may need to log out of the system and log back in for the Business Configuration changes to take effect.


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