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3231384 - Chosen date in Date Picker is shifted - SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208


You have noticed that the date gets shfited by 1 day when you choose a date from a date picker. (i.e. you have chosen 12.07.2022 and it gets replaced by 11.07.2022)



SAPUI5 1.102.4


With CE2208, a new feature has been introduced by SAPUI5 to consider the time zone configured by the user in Fiori Launchpad settings. Previously only the time zone of the browser was considered.


As a workaround, you can change the Fiori Launchpad Time Zone.

Open the User Settings dialog from the user actions menu and go to the tab Language & Region.

Please, select the same Time Zone you have selected in your browser settings (depending on the OS, the Time Zone can be taken over from the Date&time OS configuration).

In order to prevent the issue, you need to have the system/browser and Fiori Launchpad time zone settings aligned.

A fix for this issue will be released with SAP S/4HANA CLOUD 2208 HFC03 (More information Upgrade & Maintenance Schedule 2022)

The documentation will be adjusted accordingly with SAP S/4HANA CLOUD 2208 HFC05 (More information Upgrade & Maintenance Schedule 2022)

As a consequence of the fix, the “Time Zone” section under Maintaining Your Language and Regional Settings – S/4HANA Cloud 2208 has been modified as follows:

Time Zone: For classic UI apps (e.g. Web Dynpro-based or SAP GUI apps), you should select your local user time zone. SAP recommends that you set the same time zone here as in the client to ensure a consistent behavior.

When you don't know the type of an app, you can check it in the About dialog in the field ID of the Application Framework (see Information About App and Launchpad Version). If you aren't sure about the settings, please contact your administrator.

Note that the time zone setting here is only saved on the frontend server. It doesn't apply to SAPUI5-based SAP Fiori apps. These apps automatically use the browser setting for the time zone.

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