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3232466 - Unable to Accept Deviation for PO Acknowledgment due Error Messages


 You are unable to accept deviation of Purchase Order Acknowledgment because error messages are being triggered.


SAP Business ByDesign.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Purchase Requests and Orders work center.
  2. Go to Purchase Orders view.
  3. Search for the Purchase Order's ID.
  4. Click in the Edit button. 
  5. Click in the link in the header: 'Check Deviating Purchase Order Acknowledgment'.
  6. Click in Accept Deviation button.

You get the error message:

  • Price missing; price required for expected follow-up documents invoice or ERS.
  • Saving of purchase order changes not possible; changes inconsistent.


The List Price used in the Purchase Order does not have a scale beginning with 0.

Firstly, check what is the List Price in the Purchase Order:

  1. Open the Purchase Order.
  2. Navigate to Items tab.
  3. Navigate to Prices subtab.

You can see that:

  • Price/Price Component: List Price
  • Description: ABC (ABC is the name of the List Price).

Then you can check the scale maintained for this List Price:

  1. Go to Product Portfolio work center.
  2. Go to List Prices view.
  3. Search for ABC.
  4. Click in Edit button.

In Scales section, you can see that it is not maintained a scale starting from zero.

For example, the scale is starting to 10 each. However in the Purchase Order Acknowledgment the value for Acknowledged Quantity is 9 each. Since the Acknowledged Quantity is less than what is maintained in the List Price, the system triggers the error messages.


You need to maintain a zero scale in the List Price (or at least a value which is lesser than the one maintained in the PO Acknowledgment):

  1. Go to Product Portfolio work center.
  2. Go to List Prices view.
  3. Filter for the List Price.
  4. Click in Edit button.
  5. Maintain a zero scale.
  6. Save it.

Even if now the List Price is maintained with a zero scale, the deviation for the PO Acknowledgment still cannot be accepted. That's because the Purchase Order's item maintains the information of older List Price and its carried out to the new PO Acknowledgment. So the item should be canceled.

After changing the List Price, you can create a new item (in the same Purchase Order or in a new one) with the same information.

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