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3232534 - Oil & Gas Field Logistics - Limitations for S/4HANA 2208 CE (Cloud Edition)


You have implemented or wish to upgrade your system to S/4HANA 2208 CE (Cloud Edition) for Oil & Gas Field Logistics. 

There are some limitations that you should be aware of.


Process Receipts

1. The Field Logistics “Hold and Cross-docking” functionality is supported only at base plant with warehouse scenarios (use of embedded Extended Warehouse Management) while receiving, primarily with the Fiori applications Process Receipts (F5316) and Change Inbound Deliveries – Deliveries (F1706) . It is not considered relevant and is not supported at a remote plant.

2. “Hold and Cross-docking” functionality is applicable only for specific supply processes (SP) where the linkage of all documents starting from the maintenance order, through the stock transfer order between remote and base and finally the outbound delivery from the base  can be established. For all other supply processes, the functionality does not apply. Even if the Hold flag is set or removed in the maintenance order in case of the other SPs, this will have no effect on the handling while receiving at base receiving. These items will not be considered for  “Hold & Cross- docking”, they will be subject to the usual put away into storage.

  1. The “Hold & Cross-docking” functionality is supported for the following supply processes please see the SAP help documentation for supply processes and versions:
    • SP13 with versions “V1”, “V3”
    • SP14 with versions “Blank” and “V1”

  2. The “Hold & Cross-docking” functionality is not supported for the following supply processes:
    • SP11 with versions “Blank”, “V1”, “V2” and “V3”
    • SP12 with versions “Blank” “V1”
    • SP13 with versions “Blank”, “V2”
    • SP14 with version “V4”

3. Creation of Handling Units (HUs) is mandatory for a goods receipt to be executed as part of the “Hold & Cross-docking” process. In case there are no Handling Units, it is possible to post goods receipt by selecting “Forego cross-docking”, which will change the Field Logistics status to “Putaway to storage”.

4. In the “Hold & Cross-docking” relevant supply processes, Field Logistics creates an outbound delivery document at goods receipt. In some cases (e.g. one item is cross-docked and the other is held), multiple outbound deliveries are created, all associated with the same goods receipt posting. These multiple deliveries are not displayed in the Process Receipts app; only a single delivery is displayed.

5. In any of the following cases, if an item is assigned to a container before goods receipt, the association in the container remains with the purchase order only:

  • Put away scenarios (e.g. SP11 – all versions and SP12 – all versions)
  • Cross-docking item for which the “Forego cross-docking” flag was set

If a container has a purchase order associated with it, it does not allow dispatch. There are 2 solutions to this:

  • Remove the associated purchase order item before GR from the app “Process receipts”, or after GR from the app “Pack Containers”
  • Manually create an STO (Stock Transfer Order) and Outbound Delivery for the “forego cross-docking” item, then pick the Outbound Delivery to ensure a GI of it and a dispatch of the container is enabled

6. Limitations related to Quality Management:

  1. Usage decision for a partial quantity of an item is not supported.
  2. The usage decision codes “Scrap to Cost Center” and “Sample Consumption” are not supported in the EWM inspection.
  3. In case the quality managed material needs to go to the hold area then, the following steps should be done before hold flag is removed in the maintenance order.
    • The material is moved from QI area to hold area using a manual Put away warehouse task as soon as the usage decision of accepted is carried out.

      In case the above step is not done, the material is not in the hold area and a pick warehouse task is created automatically to move it from QI area directly to GI area.

      7. In case an EWM Inbound delivery has items with different Field Logistics (FL) status (the three options are “Cross-docking”, “On hold and “Put away to storage”) and not all items are packed, then it is only possible to receive all items at once from the list page of the Process Receipts app. Receiving each item from the object page individually or receiving partial quantity of an item is not supported. In case of Goods Receipt (GR) reversal is executed for an individual item of Inbound delivery, then the good receipt for all the items in the material document are reversed.

      8. Automatic creation of a Put Away warehouse task for items with Field Logistics (FL) status “On hold” after Usage Decision is not supported. In order to move the quality managed material from QI area to the Hold area, a manual Put Away warehouse task must be created.

      9. In case the quantity of an item with status “On hold” or “Cross docking” is manually released to stock, then manual split of the deliveries and handling units is not supported. Once the stock is released, it cannot be referenced back to its original maintenance order. The release to stock is supported only for a scenario of scrapping.

      10. The Field Logistics “Hold and Cross-docking” functionality is not supported when purchase requisitions are consolidated into one purchase order or stock transfer requisitions are consolidated into one stock transport order for materials using SP13 supply process.

      11. The Field Logistics “Hold and Cross-docking” functionality does not support complex packing scenarios such as partial quantity of item split into multiple HU’s, Nested HU’s, same HU’s containing other inbound delivery items or items with different Field Logistics status packed into a same HU. Any such scenarios that can be executed using the EWM application “Change Inbound Deliveries” is restricted for the “Hold and Cross-docking” process. Simple packing (one item packed into one or more HUs) is supported with the “Process Receipts application” as well as with the application “Change Inbound Deliveries”.

      12. Limitations to goods reversal in the Process receipts application:

      1. Automatic reversal of goods receipts is not supported for warehouse scenarios. There are manual steps that need to be executed for the reversal to work. In case existing subsequent warehouse tasks are open, they must be cancelled before goods receipts reversal can be executed.
      2. Goods receipt reversal cannot be performed in the following cases:
        • Usage Decision is completed for quality managed material
        • Subsequent Warehouse task is confirmed
        • Open warehouse task exists. In this case, the user needs to cancel the Warehouse task before proceeding with the Goods Receipt reversal.

      13. For SP13 Hold scenarios, the Outbound Delivery numbers (created automatically on Goods Receipt(GR)) are not displayed in the Process Receipts application. They can be viewed as follows:

      1. Open App Change Purchase Order - Advanced
      2. Click on Other Purchase Order and enter Stock Transport Order
      3. Go to Purchase Order History
      4. Outbound Delivery can be seen


      Process Cross-Plant Receipts

      14. When receiving Not Found items in Process Cross Plant Receipts App, the Unloading of Not found items is performed at the delivery header level. i.e., Unloading one item belonging to a delivery results in all the items of the delivery being Unloaded / Not found.

      15. Field Logistics apps do not support Quality Management (QM) related processes at remote locations.

      Initiate Returns By Product

      16. In the Field Logistics Initiate Returns by Product application, if partial picking is performed for a delivery, it becomes the final delivery for the corresponding STO i.e., the STO quantity gets adjusted to the picked quantity.

      Manage Container Master Data

      17. For Container Master application, custom logic extensibility is not part of 2208CE, but will be part of a future release.

      Manage Logistics

      18. The Fieldglass integration with Field Logistics for rentals and third party items  is only available for single (base as remote) plant scenario.  

      19. When demand for non-stock, rental and third part items is initiated from EPPM, those items cannot be directly created using the Manage Logistics – Supplier Items app. 
      Customers can add the items directly in the purchase order, and this would trigger creation of  necessary supplier items in the Manage  Logistics – Supplier Items application automatically.


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