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3232848 - How to Map Event Reason from RCM to Onboarding


We want to send Event Reason from RCM to Onboarding

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental. 


  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 
  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management 


Create a new Picklist for all Event Reason be mindful that the ID and label has to match Employee Central.

  1. Navigate to Add New Hire to Onboarding
  2. Take a look at the drop-down list for Event Reason and take note of all the event you want to add in your Picklist

  3. Navigate to Picklist Centre 
  4. Click on the + button to create a new Picklist

  5. Enter the code (no space)
  6. Then enter the Name you can use a space
  7. Click save once completed
  8. You must take note of Event Reason code because you will need it for the Requisition Template

  9. Once you create the Picklist, you must enter each event reason individually
  10.  Click on the + button within the picklist 
  11. Enter the External Code (Event Reason ID)
  12. Enter the Name (Event Reason Label)

  13. You can also locate that information in Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures
  14. Event Reason > New Hire 
  15. Codes can be different, but the must match the Picklist

  16. When the Picklist is finished it should like this

Next, we need to create a custom field in the desired Requisition template so that it will be available in for mapping in the Recruit-to-Hire mapping tool

  1. Navigate to Provisioning 
  2. under Managing Recruiting
  3. Click Import/Update/Export Job Requisition Template
  4. Export the requisition template you which to use for this example we will use  Standard Job Requisition 
  5. Because we want to use a Picklist field, we're going to find Picklist in the template so that we can copy the section and populate it with our data.
  6. For example, we have found this section now we will copy this into a line of it's own and edit the data to remove and keep what we want. 

  7. Once copied to a new line we will change id, if we want it required we must set to true, custom also must be true.
  8. The Picklist ID you took note of in step 8 you must enter it now in the picklist-id tag
  9. Localize as you wish

  10. If you do not want it other locales you can strip it down to this 

  11. Now that you have added to field to the Requisition Template you must give permission in the template for the field to be visible to the Recruiter and Hiring Manager.
  12. Enter id into this code <field refid="eventReason"/>
  13. Paste it in the Read and write section of the different roles example Admin role (J),

  14.  Hiring Manager Role (G, GM+, GM)

  15. You need to also grant access for the Recruiter, and all other users you want to see this field on the job requisition.

  16. Once the field becomes visible in the requisition
  17. Navigate to Recruit-to-Hire Data Mapping tool
  18. JobInfo section
  19. Map event-reason field to the custom field you created in RCM

  20. In Recruiting in the Requisition you can select the value for event reason

  21. Add a new candidate to that requisition to test
  22. Initiate Onboarding 

  23. Proxy as Hiring Manager
  24. Open the New Hire Data Review
  25. Results


  • This is just an example which has been tested in our Demo and it works.
  • You may want to add the event reason to the offer template that would work also
  • This KBA is to be used as an example
  • Support reserves the right to close any cases that come in regards to these config because it would be consulting.
  • You can use our partner community to ask any questions or assistance 


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