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3232907 - Application Error while selecting Offer Approval Template - Recruiting Management


System returns the following error when opening a specific Offer Approval Template:

errorId=, fingerprint=72dbdf140bbe4eb28b4241beebec2ef897ed6d0, timestamp=, errorMessage=An application error occurred. Please try again later, or notify support (with the error information of errorId=, timestamp=, and the version information from the current screen) if the issue keeps occurring.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management.


There is a misconfiguration with a specific field type between the Offer Approval Template and the source Template; Job Requisition or Job Application.

For example, this field "state" definition in Offer Template will receive the values from the same fieldId configurated from the Job Requisition:

   <field-definition id="state" type="picklist" required="true" custom="false" template-type="job-req" anonymize="false"> 

However, in the Job Requisition Template, the same fieldId has the following definition:

   <field-definition id="state" type="derived" required="true" custom="false">

Due to this mismatch, a data issue can happen. System will use the parameters from the source Job Requisition that is using a different value type; derived field stores a string from a selected list, configurated within Set Up Job Board Options. This field has a different data type from Picklists that are all configurated within Picklist Center and exchange data within RCM using the optionID.

With this configuration shown above, when selecting the Offer Approval, system is expecting to receive an optionID (as it has a picklist set for the fieldID) but is receiving the derive values; it explains the application error and an exception can be seen from the back-end logs.


Since this is a configuration issue, the field must be removed. While the field is present in the Template, the error will keep occurring. Changing field type is not recommended as it may cause more data issues*

If another field is required to attend the requirement of that picklist, we recommend you to reach to Implementation Team or a Partner to review the configuration and set a solution based on your current configuration (make any changes in your XML template or add another custom SUPPORTED field).


Error marshalling java.lang.Long: Format error converting US. See the logs for more details; errorId=65a3efdd-cd29-42a5-a5b5-c173eff1ebce, fingerprint=72dbdf140bbe4eb28b4241beebec2ef897ed6d0a, application error, offer approval, error, picklistControllerProxy.getLabelByPickListOptionId.dwr , KBA , LOD-SF-RCM-CAO , Candidate Offers, Offer Letters , Problem


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