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3233067 - Will the data locking state of a leaf member change if you move it to a different parent member in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning (SAC)


The following behavior occurs in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning (SAC):

  • A model is enabled with the data locking.
  • Dimension A is one of the driving dimensions of the data locking.
  • Dimension A has the following hierarchy and data locking states:
    -A  (Open)
    -B  (Locked)
  • You move member A1 from under A to under B and expect the lock state of A1 to change from open to Locked.
    However, you find the lock state of A1 remains Open.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud (Enterprise) 2022.8.17


The data locking always defines and stores locks on the leaf members level. This means that the lock state of a higher level member is computed based on the locks of its children (LOCKED/OPEN if all children are LOCKED/OPEN, MIXED if it has children with different lock states).

When a lock state is directly set on a higher level node, the state is propagated down the hierarchies of the driving dimensions to the leaf members and persists only there.

So this is the designed behavior that even if you change the hierarchy of a leaf member, its lock state does not change.


Currently, we do not have support for having a node “inherit” the locks state of its parent when moved (or added new) under a node with a given lock state.
The only option would be to manually re-set the locks on the parent member.

If you would like to see different behavior, you can raise an enhancement request on the SAP Customer Influence Site for SAC:

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