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How to access the SAP Support Satisfaction Survey after completing a support incident in SAP Business ByDesign Built-In Support.


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Every SAP Support Satisfaction Survey is used to make improvements to the customer experience and provide feedback to SAP. The survey score is assessed and all further comments are analyzed.

We utilize your feedback, ideas, or suggestions for improvement to influence change and act on it where feasible. This is your opportunity to give your opinion on the quality of SAP Support for that incident and our solutions. When providing feedback, please keep in mind that it should only be for the incident you are closing.

If follow-up is required, remember to state your name and contact number in the Further Comments free text box, if it is different than what is in the customer incident.

How to complete an incident and access the SAP Support Satisfaction Survey:

  1. Go to the Application and User Management work center.
  2. Go to the Incidents view.
  3. Find the incident you want to complete.
  4. Click the Complete button.
  5. In the Confirm Completion popup window 'Do you want to set the status of the incident to Complete?' click Yes.

Complete incident_new.jpg

  1. As a result, incident status will change to Completed and a new popup window Confirm Navigation will show up: 'You will now be navigated to the SAP Support Satisfaction Survey. Click OK to confirm. Else click Cancel.'.
  2. Click OK.

Confirm Navigation_new.jpg

  1. One last popup Confirm will be displayed: 'You are navigating to an external site. If you are sure about the authenticity of the URL, click OK to proceed. Otherwise, click Cancel.'.
  2. Click OK.


  1. At this moment, the SAP Support Satisfaction Survey will open in a new browser tab. The survey has 5 questions, as detailed in the figures below:

question 1_new.jpg

The ratings for each question are also detailed below:

  • Question 1 - Please indicate how much you agree with the following statement: SAP made it easy for me to handle my issue.
    • Strongly Agree
    • Agree
    • Neither Agree Nor Disagree
    • Disagree
    • Strongly Disagree

question 2_new.jpg

  • Question 2 - Regarding your issue, how much do you agree that SAP Support provided
    • An accurate solution
    • Timely updates
    • Resolution within a reasonable timeframe
    • Professional service
    • Easy access to support expertise

          with a rating from Strongly disagree to Strongly agree for each

          question 3_new.jpg

          • Question 3 - Overall, how satisfied were you with your support experience?
            • Very Satisfied
            • Satisfied
            • Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
            • Dissatisfied
            • Very Dissatisfied

          question 4_new.jpg

          • Question 4 - How satisfied are you with the product for which you reported this issue?
            • Very Satisfied
            • Satisfied
            • Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
            • Dissatisfied
            • Very Dissatisfied

          Question 5_new.jpg

          • Question 5 - Please share with us how we can make your support experience better
            • Here, we highly encourage you to add your detailed feedback and suggestions to help us improve our support.

          An additional question appears when you select "Dissatisfied" or "Very Dissatisfied" for Question 3 – 'Overall, how satisfied were you with your support experience?'

          testing final question.jpg

          1. Once you click Next button, the survey will end and the following message will be displayed:

          testing final question.jpg

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