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3234806 - CMT : CPQ: How to update product configurations, rules, and pricing of items in an existing quote


CPQ: How to update product configurations, rules, and pricing of items in an existing quote


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The Reconfigure action can be used to update any changes made to the configuration, pricing, and rules of the items listed in an existing quote.  This can be done manually through the Reconfiguration action or be set up to be performed automatically with the use of the Automatic Reconfiguration action.



What does the Reconfigure action do?

It will determine if the items in a quote use their initial product rules and pricing, or if the items need to be reconfigured (updated using the current product configuration, rules, and pricing), and then apply any updates accordingly.


What does the Automatic Reconfigure action do?
Instead of manually activating the reconfigure action, you can set up another action (such as Edit, Change Status, various Custom Actions, etc.) to trigger an Automatic Reconfiguration. In otherwords, the use of one action will automatically cause the reconfiguration of the items on a quote.


Unlike with the Reconfigure and Conditional Reconfigure, Automatic Reconfigure is not a stand-alone action that can be triggered by itself, but rather is performed in response to the use of another action.




How to apply the Reconfigure, and/or the Automatic Reconfiguration action


  1. Go to CPQ Setup > Workflow/Approval > Workflow > locate on the grid in which Statuses you would like the Reconfigure action in, and click the Open icon.

  2. The resulting screen will show actions that can be configured in the selected Status workflow.

    To set up the Reconfigure action, scroll down to find "Reconfigure" in the Action name column and mark the checkbox in the Selected column next to it.

    Automatic Reconfigure can be setup by finding the action you want the automatic reconfiguration to be triggured by, and in it's row, marking the checkbox in the "Automatic Reconfigure" column.

  3. Once you've marked the checkboxes you need, click Save. 


Using the above screenshot in mind, now if a user goes to an existing quote who's items have since been updated with a new price for example, using the "Reconfigure" action or the "Change Status" action will cause the price of updated items to change to the current value.



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