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3234847 - CMT : CPQ - How to Identify Active Users (User Compliance)


CPQ - How to Identify Active Users (User Compliance)



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This guide will show you how to build a report to identify all active users in your environment. From here, you can choose which users to deactivate or remove.



With the new CPQ user compliance in place, some users may come across the need to do a cleanup of their current users in order to make room for more. 



  1. Log in to CPQ
  2. Go to Setup



  1. Under the General section, find “Report Module”



  1. In the navigation bar, click Administration
  2. Click Data Source


  1. Click Add
  2. Select a Display Name (Active Users)
  3. For Type, select Query
  4. In the box that shows up, paste the following query below:


select Username, email, name, LASTLOGINTIME, CreatedByUserName, DateCreated

from users

where active = 1




  1. Click save
  2. In the navigation bar, click New
  3. Select New Report


  1. Give your report a name (Active Users)
  2. In Report Data Source, select the table you have just created (Active Users)
  3. For Report Type, select Table


  1. Click Next
  2. Keep clicking Next until you get to a page that looks like this:



  1. Fill it out accordingly:




  1. Click Finish
  1. You will see a table which looks like this:



  1. From here, you can export it to Excel/Word/PDF by clicking the little Save Icon at the top



  1. Now you can identify which users you can deactivate or remove in order to make room for more active users



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