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3234891 - CMT : CPQ: How to write Salesforce Query with CTX Tags


CPQ: How to write Salesforce Query with CTX Tags


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This article will show you how to use CTX tag in CPQ to query information from Salesforce.

Allowing admin users option to populate CPQ fields with information stored in Salesforce.


For this example, we'll populate CPQ custom field, Jason1, with Amount field on Salesforce Opportunity Name, 'hello'.


1. Go into the custom field you want to apply this CTX tag. Within the "Formula" field, click formula builder symbol to build your CTX tag.



2. Select CTX from "Available Tags" list and click on "Construct CTX Tag":



3. Within "CTX Syntax Builder", select the following options:

-CTX tag object="SFDC"

-SDFC object= "Query"

-Select Query Argument= 'enter the SOQL query to pull in the salesforce value". 

-Hit "Refresh/ Insert argument" to insert and update the formula field.



4. Hit "Save" to update/save this custom field.


To verify the query is pulling in correct information:

1. Check field value in Salesforce Opportunity; Amount Value = '5100'.



2. Check field value of CPQ custom field; Jason1 = '5100'.



*If both values match then SFDC query is pulling correct data.


If field values are not matching, verify the following two options below are set up correctly:

1. Check SQOL query. Verify that the query is valid in Salesforce before using it within CPQ.

2. Calculation Type for custom field. This field option determine when this field is being calculated. Verify correct option is selected.


If you do need further assistance on this issue, feel free to submit a new ticket and a Support Engineer would be more than happy to assist you.




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