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3235113 - Auto-formatted number, not using the right scale in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


  • Incorrect scale used.
  • Expect the scale used for the number, to be different than the one automatically selected in SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Measure set to be automatically formatted using the scale: Thousand, Million, Billion, does not scale as expected in SAP Analytics Cloud.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In SAP Analytics Cloud, create a Story
  2. Add a Chart, or widget, on which you add a Measure.
  3. In Styling, set the Number Format to:
    • Scale : Auto-formatted
    • Scale Format: Thousand, Million, Billion
  4. When viewing the Story, some Measure scale to Thousand, when expected to see it to scale in Million

    - The value  :   1,234,560  
    - Display as :    1,234.56 Thousand
    - The expectation is to scale to Million, like:  1.23 Million


  • In SAP Analytics Cloud, when setting the Scale to "Auto-formatted", it is designed to scales the value based on the following rules:
    - Unformatted : values  <  10,000
    - Thousand     : values  <  10,000,000
    - Million          : values  <  10,000,000,000
    - Billion          : values >= 10,000,000,000

    This is why a value like: 1,234,560
    Will be formatted using the scale: 1,234.56 Thousand
    Because the value is greater than 10,000, and smaller than 10,000,000
    To be formatted using the Million, the value needs to be equal to, or greather than 10,000,000,000


  • The Auto-formatting scaling works as expected in SAP Analytics Cloud, but if you want to always display the value using Million, set the scale to Million, or the specific scale desired, instead of using the Auto-formatting scale.

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