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3236320 - Account Address is not getting Updated for the Migrated Accounts in ByD, when Replicated from C4C


When you are trying to update the Account Address, it is not getting Updated for the Migrated Accounts in ByD, when Replicated from C4C. follows the Error

“You are not allowed to delete this address. The address is still being used by contact. If you still want to delete this address, maintain a different business address for the contact”

and same error occurs when you are trying to update address via ManageCustomerIn Web Service.


 SAP Business ByDesign

Reproducing the Issue

Steps followed in the C4C

1. Go to Customer

2. Go to Account View

3. Update the Address

Steps followed in Byd

1. Go to Account Management work center

2. Go to Account View

3. Search with Account ID "XYZ"

4. You can see Accounts Address updates are missing Address Feild


You are trying to change the address data by

1.Deleting all existing address data (via addressInformationListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true")

2.Creating new address data from the payload.

If you have contact persons assigned to the account, the business workplace address of the contact references the selected address of the account. On the screen you select the desired address when assigning a contact to an account. As long as the contact still references the address, it cannot be deleted.


Provide only the address that needs to be changed and set the addressInformationCompleteTransmissionIndicator to "false"

For this you would need to pass the AddressInformation-UUID, so that it can be identified. Then the address data will be modified and not deleted and recreated.

Additional Information

How to work with the address deletion or update

Let’s Assume you have three addresses in your source system and your requirement is to delete the two addresses and keep the one address updated so how this need to be done.

  • If you wanted to send delta then you should use addressInformationListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="false".
  • If you want to maintain something like the new snapshot, delete everything which is not mentioned, you should use addressInformationListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true"



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