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3241057 - Dump DBIG_RSQL.... raised while trying to save in Cloud for Customer system


The issue can happen in various BOs, as example we will use Sales Quotes in this KBA.

Issue: Dump while creating Sales Quotes of a particular Document Type ABC (ABC represents the document type, in our example sales quote with external pricing - again: same can happen for other document types, other BOs, etc.). No issue for other doc types (like CP- Sales Quote, RMA, etc.)


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales work centre
  2. Go to the Sales Quotes view
  3. Create a new quote of type ABC
  4. Enter mandatory data and do an external pricing call
  5. Save

Result: system dumps, save action is not executed and external call not saved. Dump info might include "DBIG_RSQL.... *" (note, this may only be visible when opening the dump in the backend). 


The root cause of the issue is can be, that the quote is trying to save while an extension field has a value which is too long for its type.

Example: when saving the quote after the external pricing, an extension field Margin1 is filled with the data ‘123456.00000-‘ (123456.00000 is example value) which is too long for the data type (with example max. digits 10, max. fractions: 5 the same can be true for other values). In our example, the data passed to the extension field would happen in the runtime.

In our example, the extension field Margin1 would be defined as decimal with a length 10 and decimal places 5. This would mean that maximal integer places is 10-5 = 5. However the 123456.00000 would have an integer length of 6.


Please make sure to pass valid data to the extension fields or better implement a validation for check this to avoid such fatal errors.

Note: The reason why the error is not seen in a dump is that the error happens on the SQL level which cannot be caught.

See Also

SAP Help Portal: Extension Field Types


DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR: ‘numeric overflow: the precision of the decimal value is larger than the target precision, dump, KUT, save, external pricing, quote, extension field, save, document type , KBA , LOD-LE-CQP , Customer Quote Processing , Problem


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