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3242137 - Tickets are not created from e-mails (occasionally) - due to spam filter


  • You have enabled and configured the e-mail channels in SAP Cloud for Service.
  • Occasionally, C4C does not create tickets via e-mails, despite the original e-mails arriving at the customer e-mail server and being forwarded to the C4C technical e-mail address. 


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Cloud for Service
  • SAP Cloud for Sales

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Send e-mail to a designated e-mail address (defined in C4C)
  2. Go to Services -> Tickets (no ticket has been created), and nothing is found in the Unassociated e-mails


  • E-mail has been quarantine either at the customer server side or SAP
  • From SAP side, the Infrastructure will perform AV scanning which would trigger certain logic based on its own key indicators
    • Once potentially harmful content is identified, the system would include the tags “{{SPAM}}” or “{{SUSPECTED SPAM}}”
    • Subsequently, the affected e-mails would be filtered out and place into a spam repository
    • Said e-mail won't be process by C4C, hence no ticket is created


  • Verify your junk e-mail and spam filter settings to ensure that you can receive relevant incoming e-mails.
  • Note that there is a spam filter on the SAP side, to which you do not have access.
    • Should you require it, your SAP consultant can provide you with additional trusted addresses.
    • Or create an case requesting this.
  • If an e-mail is identified as spam on the SAP side, the sender (in most cases, your external e-mail address, receives a non-deliverable status message.
  • Since the SAP Infrastructure will filter out such e-mails individually based on the content, it is not possible to predict how many e-mails will be affected, and there are no reports currently available for the customer to access
  • Alternatively, customers can:
    1. Submit a request to SAP Support (on-demand), and ask for a list of such filtered e-mails.
    2. SAP Support can provide the list to the customer for further evaluation 
    3. The customer can then send a request with the list of entries they would like to exclude from the spam folder

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