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3242884 - Decision table errors & rule validation


I am getting rule validation errors, but when I simulate the decision table, the correct rule fires. The decision table looks like the following example:

Col 1 InputCol 2 Input
< 10[18..25]
< 10[26..35]

My input types are defined as "Number" and the following error shows up when I try to verify the data set:

1...No rule exists for (<10,∈(25,26))

How does it look like to define the data set the right way and why am I getting the error?

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The definition of the data set is not correct because the definition is now set to cover only the area from "18 to 25" and "26 to 35". The area between 25 and 26 is not included, therefore the validation of the rules fail.

The correct way is to use not the square bracket "[" to define the area. An example looks like "[18..26] & (26..35]" and before the second defined area you have to use the normal bracket "(" to include it. The rule starts with 18 to 26 and continues with 26 to 35. It covers the area between 25 and 26. This way, it will also cover entries/values like "25.2".

Attached a screenshot for visual support.


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