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3243093 - How to create the perfect incident on CA-ATP component for SAP S/4HANA Cloud


A problem appears with advanced ATP (aATP) functionality on a SAP S4Hana On-Premise system and a help from SAP Support is required. In this case an case (SAP Case) needs to be created on component CA-ATP on the One Support Launchpad.

There are some necessary information and details what needs to be provided in an SAP Case and there are also some steps what needs to be considered before the creation.

Following all these recommendations will reduce the processing time on SAP side and shorter time can be expected until getting the necessary information/solution from SAP.


  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Supply Chain
  • Availability Checks


To save time and avoid unnecessary delays in the case (SAP Case) processing, it is important to provide some mandatory information to analyze the issue.

Please find below the necessary data for SAP Case processing.

Before creating the case

  1. Search SAP Help documentation for the relevant Cloud Version and the SAP Community channel. To find additional knowledge repositories for aATP on SAP S/4HANA Cloud check the Knowledge Based Article (KBA) 3193069. Please do this task first since a large number of issues can be solved by existing documentation, especially if it is a consulting or a common issue.
    For new feature requests or missing functionalities check the official Roadmap what is to be expected in future Cloud releases. Please DO NOT open a SAP Case, the correct forum for these requests is the SAP Influence forum
  2. When creating the SAP Case, there is an option to search the knowledge base for existing KBAs about the issue. For some hints on efficient KBA search please check KBA 2081285. Again, please always perform this task since a large number of issues can be solved by already existing KBAs.

  3. Please always take your time to read and answer the Component Specific Questions section during SAP Case creation.
  4. Respect SAP Case priorities as described in SAP Note 67739. Please make sure the reported issue fulfills the requirements for the selected priority, especially in case of Very High priority.
  5. Please make sure to select the correct component for the SAP Case. Creating the SAP Case in the wrong component can lead to increased processing times.

    Issues related to the management of the system please choose component for Cloud Operations:

    XX-S4C-OPR-SRV - Service requests, transport request scope items activation etc.
    XX-S4C-SRV-CON - Expert configuration.
    XX-S4C-OPR-INC - Technical, performance management.

    Process related issues 

    Go to the SAP Best Practices Explorer 

    - Select Accelerators

    - Open: Availability and dependencies of scope items

    Fiori APP / webgui tile related issues

    Open SAP Note 2489730

    Follow section 1: In a Fiori App

    SSCUI / Customising related issues

    Follow the instructions in SAP Note 2563041

System landscape

Please state clearly where the issue occurs, i.e. in Quality and/or Production. 

The best environment for SAP Support to work is the Quality environment, where possible please provide and example in Quality. In the majority of cases access to the Quality system will be the only access required.

If the SAP Case will be opened under the quality system and subsequently, SAP Support are required to access both Quality and Production to analyze an issue, it is a MUST to open a new SAP Case for the Production access (Security requirement).
If it is known from the outset that SAP Support will be required to access both Quality and Production to analyze the issue, please open the SAP Case under the production system and provide the necessary details for BOTH systems, this will avoid creating 2 SAP Cases (Security requirement).

User data

Provide SAP Support with a customer user ID (customer business user with prefix CB or customer communication user with prefix CC). Check KBA 3094222 to maintain the CB user into the case . SAP support can take over the authorizations of that customer user to reproduce reported problems. The user ID for customer business users can be found in the Fiori app 'Maintain Business Users' and the user ID for customer communication users in the Fiori app 'Maintain Communication Users'. 

The perfect case

  1. System landscape: describe the system landscape, by mentioning clearly where the issue occurs, i.e. in Quality and/or Production.
  2. Steps to reproduce: create a step-by-step description with screenshots about the issue, mentioning all the details, user data and example data to use for reproducing the problem. Do not attach individual screenshots one by one to the SAP Case, instead use Microsoft Word or Excel to put your screens into a single file.
  3. DUMP: please export the dump into .txt format and attach it to the SAP Case.
  4. Performance issues: In general it is prudent for the customer (business user) to capture Http watch traces as this provides SAP Support with data concerning bandwidth, latency and environmental factors specific to each customer. Performance issue related to the ABAP Stack can in general be handled by SAP Support independently when the steps to re-produce have been provided. 

Also important

  • If the issue is only reproducible in a production environment, add the line "We herewith provide the SAP Support consultant with the permission to analyze the issue on our production system." as described in SAP Note 1576685
  • In case of reopening an SAP Case previously closed,  please mention the Case number for reference.

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