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3245409 - Text Filter Not Working on Column Renamed Via Language Adaptation


After renaming descriptions from a list field via language adaptation, it is not possible to filter that column using the newly named text.


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Reproducing the Issue

An example could be, that you rename the Product item object description 'Text Type' via language adaptation (Administration work centre > General Settings > Language Adaptation).

When you now go to the Products facet in various objects, for example quote/ order/ opportunity/ etc., you notice that filtering the column 'Item Type' will only react to the original, standard text description. When you try to filter with the newly renamed text, no results are found.


Language Adaptation overwrites are pure UI overwrites. The changes do not apply to any back-end server actions such as Integration Scenarios (A2A, E2E), Search&Filter, or writing back into Business Configuration (BC).


If one of these features is required:

  1. Change the code descriptions in the Business Configuration (relevant object fine tuning activity, where available) instead, not in the Language Adaptation, or
  2. Keep the code descriptions unchanged as delivered by SAP

For the example of renaming Product Item Types, example on the Quote BO - do not rename the item types by language adaptation. Create new custom item types in the Sales Quote Business Configuration Fine Tuning activity. After creating the new custom item types, create a code list restriction to deactivate the old ones from being automatically selected by the system.

  1. Go to the Administration work centre
  2. Go to the General Settings view
  3. Select the option 'Code List Restrictions'
  4. Create new
  5. Select the relevant BO, in our example Sales Document
  6. Code to restrict: Item Type 
  7. (no need for any other selections if you want this as general system behaviour, meaning, if you want the item type descriptions to be the same for everyone logging into the system)
  8. On the restrictions tab, for 'Values allowed', de-select the standard values (by un-checking the checkbox)
  9. Save.

Note - if you set a default value, this will be always selected when you don't manually set a different item type. If you want the system to automatically select the fitting type (differentiating between text item type and product item type), then don't set any default.

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