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This KB article explains what information is needed by SuccessFactors Support in order to effectively analyze and resolve an incident.


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding



  • Support operates on the policy of One Issue, One Instance, One case
  • An case must be created against the Instance where the issue is occurring
  • You must include all detailed information necessary to analyze the problem you are experiencing
  • Refer to KB article 1296527 - How to create a support case (contact SAP Product Support) - SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Scope & Priority 

  • Determine whether the issue is within the scope of support/relates to Implementation/Consultation for which there is a separate support channel.
  • Determine the appropriate priority. Find details on prioritization here.

Details Required:

1. Affected Instance :

Provide the instance details where the issue is happening in each support case:

  • Instance ID
  • Data center where instance is housed
  • Support Access (How to provide access)
  • You can also maintain Logon Credentials (S-User ID and password) in the secure area


  • For compliance purposes, support can only access the instance registered in the ticket. You will be asked to create new case if the recorded instance is not the correct one
  • If the issue is happening in a production instance and can be replicated in test instance, create the issue against the production instance then provide the details of the test instance for testing purposes

2. Behavior :

Describe/Explain the issue in details

  • Actual behavior / result
  • Expected behavior / result
  • For error - provide a screen shot of the error and provide the error log (you can access this log by clicking on show error).

Note: It is important to differentiate between the actual behavior and the expected behavior to help establish the nature and cause of the discrepancy

3. Steps to Replicate :

  • Provide the exact steps necessary to arrive at the same result (ex. logon as, proxy as etc...)
  • A testing user (for example logon user, Manager / admin etc....)
  • The affected user(s)
  • Indicate if support has permission to replicate the issue and the instance where test can be done

4. Timestamp When Issue is Replicated :

  • KB article 2354817 - How to Find SuccessFactors Product Version, Server, Timestamp & Release Details

5. Configuration Details :

Certain features necessitate configuration details

  • Rules, fields, portlets, workflow, Alerts etc.
  • Where it is set to trigger (for rule) or where to find the configuration

6. Screenshots, Videos & Other Files :

  • Provide Screenshots where relevant. Use full-page screenshots to include url link (very important in case of workflow issues)
  • If possible, a short video demonstrating the issue is always very helpful as it can often show the behavior in full
  • Templates, if applicable (Goal Plans, PM Forms, Compensation, etc.)
  • Data files specific to the behavior
    • If such files are sensitive/too large, please make note of this in the case

7. Contact Details :

ALL of the following information is required for all HIGH and VERY HIGH case s, else the priority will be downgraded:

  • Provide Name and contact details such as e-mail and telephone number of the person experiencing the issue
  • Providing contact detail can be useful to speed up processing and facilitate familiarization and easy collaboration
  • When choosing a priority of High/Very High you must provide the contact details for the person dealing with issue so they can be contacted round the clock

Also Remember:

  • Multiple issues will not be addressed in the same case as this helps us correctly track possible defects
  • Duplicate case s will be immediately closed. Support will only work on a single, original case
  • If a duplicate is created via another support channel (Chat, SaE, etc.) it will not be honored.
  • Support will not assist with an case /case for a salesdemo environment, unless the Salesdemo is a commercialised salesdemo which follows this process.

Example: When a issue is logged via Chat; however, a second case for the same problem is created via the SAP ONE Support Launchpad

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