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3246884 - Form Template Wrongly Picked in Output Channel


While working with SAP Business ByDesign PDFs, you noticed that the system is taking the wrong Form Template when generating the PDF for a Document.


SAP Business ByDesign 2208 and higher.


There might be several causes behind this behavior, this article will help you to troubleshoot this scenario properly and it also shows possible causes for the issue.

Scenario 1:

In order to isolate a possible issue with the document rule, you can create a default rule and maintain it in the top of the rules. In most of the cases, when creating a default rule the right Form template is picked correctly. Steps to do it:

  1. Go to the Application and User Management work center -> Form Template Selection view.
  2. Select the affected Document in the Show Rules For field.
  3. Click Go.
  4. New button and create a new Rule.
  5. Then click Change Order and put it in the top of the sequence.
  6. Generate the PDF and check if the right Form Template is picked.

If the right Form Template is picked, you can record a video showing such test to the customer and delete the rule that you created.

Explanation: The Rules are working hierarchically, means from Top to bottom. You need review all rules as they are inconsistent.

Scenario 2:

In case the right Form Template is still not picked up correctly with the Form Template Selection changes, you can check the following:

  1. Go to the Account Management work center > Account view.
  2. Search and open the affected Account.
  3. Click View All button.
  4. Communication tab and then Collaboration subtab.
  5. Kindly check if any form is maintained here.

Note: Account settings overrule Form Template Selection and Output rules.

Note 2: The same works for the Suppliers configuration, in the Collaboration subtab.

Scenario 3:

When you preview a Sales Order, system picks a wrong Form Template instead of what is assigned in the Form Template Selection. Cases:

  1. The Form Template selection is done based on Sales Organization and not on Sales Unit. If you assigned the Sales Unit instead of Sales Organization in the Form Template Selection then it will result in this issue.
  2. Customer maintained a different Form Template in the Account Master Data: Edit any Account and click View all. Navigate to the communication tab sub tab collaborations. Here you can maintain a template of your desire for the respective document and it will overrule the form template rules.

Scenario 4:

Wrong Form Template or no Form Template is Picked While Previewing Any Business Document. Cases:

Case 1:

When you open the document in the Output History, the preview is in Form Template XYZ but when you preview the same document, the preview is in Form Template ABC.

The cause for the issue could be, after you submitted the document there might be a change in the Form Template or the Rule to pick the form template. In this case, the preview will always picks the form which suffices the current rule.

Case 2:

You might have maintained the rule for the Form Template (Form Template Selection) in such a way that, for a particular Org Unit (Ex: sales unit), this Form Template should be picked and for other Org Units different Form template.

Check the Rule for the Form Template in Form Template Selection view (Application and User Management work center) and correct the rule if applicable.

Note: You can manually change the template via Edit Output Settings but that would only be applicable for that document only, if you again check the Preview or Sends Confirmation to Account then it will pick the template based on the Form template rule defined.

Case 3:

You have maintained an empty Rule (without any parameter checked) in Form Template Selection. In this case, this Template will be picked always despite any rule that set below this Template rule.

Case 4:

The Form Template is picked based on the Tax Country maintained in the document. So, check the Tax Country maintained in the document and if required create a new Form template if there is no Form template for that particular country variant.

In principle, The Form Template is picked in the document preview based on the Country Variant and Language, and the country variant is based on the Tax Country.

Scenario 5:

A different form template than the one you expect gets picked. Your expectation is based on a UI change performed for example on sales quotes.

A possible cause is, you might used the Apply button when changing the Org Unit in the Edit Output Settings. 

The expectation is that the template is still changing based on the i.e. Sales Org. change as before the customer hit the "Apply" button.

After hitting the apply button no further template validation happens therefore the last template before hitting apply will always be shown.

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