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3246911 - Imported prorating date is not reflected on worksheet


Proration dates are not reflecting/loading in executive review when uploaded via UDF


Source: portal
Product version: SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite Core 2205
System managed by: SAP Cloud Tenant
Sold product: SFSF

Reproducing the Issue

1.Login to instance
2. Go to compensation> executive review > Template name
3. Everything is loading except proration dates


The reason why proration dates are not populating is that , even though its hybrid template , the data for EC users are not pulled from UDF.

The Worksheet won't  pull some data from Employee central and some data from UDF for EC users if they are not mapped to custom column.

Only for adding non ec users in compensation forms a template is made hybrid. So if you are using hybrid template and the UDF contains only EC users then there is no benefit as there is no actual data pulled from it if field is not mapped to EC.

if you add any date in SALARY_PRORATION_START_DATE field..that should be mapped to EC somewhere so that it can be pulled from there, Currently in this scenario there is no mapping in EC category ,only import key is given referring to the UDF field ID.


Import key is used only for the Non EC users, Generally when making hybrid template. The fields in design worksheets are mapped with both import key(for NON EC users) and EC category (for EC users) mapping as It is supposed to pull data for both type of users present in UDF.

If I summarize it:

  • The EC users proration dates won't be fetched from UDF. yes, even though you have checked the option of "Enter proration start and end date from userfile", this option is for non ec users.

  • To achieve proration date, you need to map it to date field in EC and there is no use of defining import key as that is meant for Non EC users only.
  • Defining multiple fields for single user in UDF won't work for the Salary proration date as system won't understand which dates it is supposed to pull for a single user, also it is not recommended as it will generate duplicate records.

  • If you want multiple proration date for a single user, you need to define a EC category and EC field which satisfy the requirement needs and map it to design worksheet(Make a custom column for custom proration start and custom proration end date ,  map EC category below import key).

  • The mapping is simple like any other field mapping. You will have to map one EC field to the start date, another EC field for the end date and proration will be calculated as the difference of these 2 dates/365*100.

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