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3247828 - Account(s) Missing In Realignment Run - Explanation of Realignment Run Results


No matter which Account selection you use in a Realignment Run (initial or specific account selection), some Accounts do not get updated through the run.


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Let's say, you have a realignment run that checked several thousand customers and that your system is a single-territory system: this means an Account can have at only one territory.

If an Account already has a territory "T1" and qualifies - according to the maintained territory-rules - exactly for this territory, then the account will NOT be shown in the list. Simply because there is no change required.

So even if thousands of Accounts were part of a territory run, only those accounts where changes were made to the territory, will be shown in the list.

  1. Please click on the relevant run-id to open the rules-run-details.
  2. Afterwards click on the "Rules" tab (by default we are at the Details tab).
  3. There you see the application-log 12345 (12345 represents the relevant application log ID).
  4. Opening the log (12345), you see the log messages for this simulation (all amounts/ numbers used are example numbers):

"Number of accounts for which system found no change in territory: 10000

- This means 10000 already have the correct territory and thus no change is required.

"Number of accounts for which system calculated a territory: 0"

-This means there was indeed no single account where the system calculated a new territory. This happens because all the accounts do already have the correct territory upfront.

"Number of accounts for which system could not calculate a territory: 100"

- This means there are 100 accounts which do not qualify for any territory according to the maintained territory-rules.

- Thus the system has processed 10000 + 100 account instances in this realignment run.

Question: Why are then some Account entries shown in the details section?

Answer:  Those accounts are aaccounts which have a dedicated territory.

E.g. One account has a territory "T1" manually assigned and this is indicated by the fact that the two columns "Current Territory" and "New Territory" show the same value.

Regarding the log of the execution of the realignment-run:

The log could be red because the run was not able to update the territory in, for example, some sales-orders.

The error msg could read "Order (123): Saving not possible as the Pricing Status is not Calculated Successfully." (123 is an example order ID)

The coding tried to update the territory of sales-order 123 and got an error message which is shown. You will get the exact same error message if you open the TI of 123 and try to update the territory manually.

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